Chanel 2012 sunglasses

February 20th, 2012

Chanel 2012 Sunglasses

This season Chanel has really brought style and elegance alongside quality back to the forefront of their designs. The Chanel 2012 collections have a hint of the traditional with a modern, retro twist. The iconic intertwined ‘CC’ with some added luxurious extras is set to be a great hit this year with Chanel lovers.

Sunglasses-Direct offer our loyal and new customers the chance to purchase some of the most stunning designs Chanel has produced in many years. Collections include the Chainmail collection which takes its inspirations from the chain mail handles from their famous handbags, also entwined with leather – the Chainmail collection oozes style and class.
Chanel 5208-Q is a brilliantly styled sunglass, with a soft rectangular shape made from acetate, which is not plastic which it is often mistaken for- Acetate is a mixture of cotton and wood which takes around 3 months to make and all Chanel frames are assembled by hand in Italy in a very lengthy process and carried out by highly skilled specialists.

The Chanel 5208-Q is available in 5 different colour options and all have varying colours of chain, in either gold, gunmetal or silver and also different shades of leather down the centre of the chain.

Chanel 5208-Q

Along with the Chanel Chainmail collection they have also released a Mosaic collection with beautiful detailing on the arms like small particles of glass that gives a stunning effect. One piece of the Chain mail collection is the Chanel 5222, which follows the up and coming high-fashion trend for cats-eye and upswept shapes. The Chanel 5222 is slightly oversized acetate with metal arms that hold the mosaic designs. The Chanel 5222 comes on 4 very wearable colours and depending on your skin tone or hair colour light or darker, you will find the correct shade for you!

Chanel is a brand that is known and recognised for style and quality across the entire world, they allow a slice of their high-end fashion to the masses with their elegant sunglasses. Chanel produces a variety of styles of sunglasses, from oversized acetates through to metal aviators so you are sure to find a pair you will love. Get your Chanel 2012 sunglasses from Sunglasses-Direct now by calling one of our fully trained consultants on 01159589820.

Chanel Sunglasses 2012 – Chanel CH 4196-Q

February 2nd, 2012

Chanel sunglasses for 2012 is all about chains with woven leather, and quilted leather designs. 

Chanel CH 4196-Q is one 2012 sunglasses design which shows of the new quilted leather sides.  Made with calf shin the soft leather has been coloured into several finishes, such as white with silver frame, gunmetal with burgundy sides, silver with brown sides, silver with black sides and gold with dark brown sides.

Chanel sunglasses have also used mosaic as a new feature for 2012. 

Chanel 5222 sunglasses has mosaic effect sides with an acetate front.

Chanel 5233 sunglasses which has thicker sides with mosaic effect sides and a thicker acetate front.

Chanel sunglasses are available at Sunglasses-Direct, so please telephone our Nottingham showroom to order Chanel sunglasses.

Hot Women’s Sunglasses Trends in 2011

August 15th, 2011

Throughout 2011 there have been a few key sunglasses trends that have hit the spot with the fashionista. Let’s take a look at some of the top sunglasses styles this year.

Vintage/Retro Sunglasses

One style that never seems to go out of fashion is Vintage/retro sunglasses. Styles such as the aviator and wayfarer have been around for years but still have as much appeal today as they ever did. These frames suit the majority of face shapes offering maximum appeal. Celebrities, style icons and everyone in-between have been seen sporting one or the other or even both. Find Ray Ban aviator 3025 and Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 at Sunglasses Direct.

Cats Eye Sunglasses

Made famous throughout the 50s and 60s, cats eye sunglasses are perfect to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe. Worn by celebrities including Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev, these frames are great for anyone who has either a heart shaped or square face. A few of the major brands have produced cats eye sunglasses including, Ray Ban RB 4167, Ray Ban 4163, Chanel CH 5169 and Prada PR09NS.

Round Sunglasses

Made popular by the singer John Lennon, this style comes and goes but is bang on trend again this year. Some of the top fashion houses have incorporated this rounded style into their collections including the Chanel 4190 TQ and the Ray Ban 3447. Perfect for both smart and casual attire, this frame style is best suited for anyone who has an oval or square shaped.

These are just a few of our top picks for this season, at Sunglasses-Direct, we have a wide range of designer sunglasses from top designers such as Ray Ban and Tom Ford. Find us online or give us a call on 0115 958 9820.

Kelly Brook wears Chanel 5170

July 14th, 2011

Chanel 5170 Sunglasses

Model and film star, Kelly Brook has been spotted wearing Chanel 5170 sunglasses.

The Chanel 5170 is brand new from Chanel, it is a simple, classic frame with a small bow on the temple, with a small CC logo. A classic design that would suit a variety of age groups.

Sunglasses-Direct offer the Chanel 5170 with free delivery within the UK.

Please call us on 01159589820 to order Chanel sunglasses.

TChanel 5170 is set to be a huge seller in 2011 and is already proving very popular! Get yours before they are sold out! The Chanel 5170 is now becoming known as the ‘Chanel bow’ and is also available in a slightly large option- Chanel 5171.

Ali Larter wears Chanel 4189

July 14th, 2011

Chanel 4189 Sunglasses

Star of Heroes and Final Destination,  Ali Larter was recently spotted wearing Chanel 4189 sunglasses.

The Chanel 4189 TQ is a fantastic new frame from Chanel for 2011 which is a nicely sized, soft aviator style with small CC logo’s on the lenses.

The Chanel 4189 TQ is set be one of Chanel’s best selling frames this year, so get yours first!

The Chanel 4189 TQ comes in 6 different colours, all very wearable, this frame would look great casually with jeans, or at a day out at the races with a dress.

Chanel 4189 TQ comes with free delivery in the UK.

Please call us on 01159589820 to order Chanel sunglasses.

The Chanel 4189-Q comes with all the authentic Chanel packaging. Including quilted case, box, cleaning cloth and authenticity.

Chanel 4189-TQ is an affordable piece of luxury eyewear. Have a piece of Chanel luxury without the huge price tag most of Chanels good hold! A classic that will be a fashion statement for years to come!

Jennifer Garner wears Chanel 5197 Sunglasses

May 27th, 2011

Chanel 5197 Sunglasses

Actress Jennifer Garner has recently been spotted in California wearing Chanel 5197 Sunglasses.

The Chanel 5197-H is a cats eye shaped plastic frame with wood panels and pearl inserts on the arms.

Although Jennifer sports the classic black, Chanel 5197 are available in some other great colours including the colourful Aqua and Dark red if you fancy something a bit different and vibrant!

The Chanel 5197-H has real wood temples and pearl inlay with the classic and iconic CC logo, that won’t be missed!

So, if you want to get your hands on a pair of Chanel 5197-H sunglasses, look no further than Sunglasses-Direct.

PLease call us on 01159582888 to order your Chanel Sunglasses.

Chanel sunglasses for 2011

March 1st, 2011

Chanel Sunglasses 2011
From the early 1900s, CHANEL has developed as a classic, iconic fashion brand known to produce high-end cosmetics, clothing, sunglasses and more. The successful fashion house was launched by the late Coco Chanel, a world re nound French designer who still stands as an outstanding influence in today’s fashion world. Chanel is iconically simple and ageless, as the brand has gained immense popularity in today’s fashion world. Among their luxury items Chanel sunglasses are currently recognised as the must have accessory for a chic stylish woman.

Chanel sunglasses are totally unique in there design, these sunglasses are crafted in Italy and are made of extremely high quality acetates and metals for a great lasting, high quality frame. Chanel sunglasses are well known for the iconic interlinked double ‘C’, which makes Chanel sunglasses instantly recognisable.

With the development of the Chanel brand, there are now some cutting edge designs on offer. Chanel has always been known for there classic, chic, feminine designs that will last a lifetime, but they are now introducing new more modern designs into the collection too. Although other high-end designers such as Gucci and Prada also offer luxury sunglasses, there is no other brand that maintains the image of Chanel, and the desirability to own a Chanel product! Chanel sunglasses allow normal women to own a piece of high-end, pure luxury, Italian fashion without the extreme price tag of the clothing or bags!

Chanel sunglasses for 2011 are striking and bold, with some great designs. The Chanel 4189-Q is set to be huge, with a bold aviator style and with the iconic double C its modern but has the traditional side to Chanel designs. The Chanel 4189-Q is also reasonable at a price of £170 as Chanel sunglasses are getting above the £200 mark easily as the seasons pass.

The other Chanel sunglass that is set to continue to sell very well this year is the Chanel 5171 and Chanel 5170. These beautiful frames are part of the Chanel Bow collection. The Chanel 5170 is a smaller version with an elegant shaped frame and lovely tied bow on the temple, in various colour options. The larger Chanel 5171 is a slightly oversized plastic frame for a more high fashion look, with the stunning bow detailing also on both arms. The small bow has the iconic double C for authenticity and a subtle Chanel hint.
The Chanel 5171 and 5170 are both very reasonably priced for Chanel sunglasses at only £150.

Get your hands on a piece of pure Italian luxury, from Sunglasses-Direct as we keep high stocks of these sunglasses so you could have them the next day!

Paris Hilton seen wearing Chanel Sunglasses 5162

July 9th, 2010

Paris Hilton was recently seen on Robertson Boulevard in the USA sporting a pair of fabulous 5162 Chanel Sunglasses.

These Chanel 5162 sunglasses are part of the denim collection from Chanel. Manufactured from plastic in the classic wayfarer style, these designer sunglasses exude high fashion and are one of this seasons must have items!

Although Paris chose the white /denim frames, they are also available in a host of other colours too. In fact the range goes from black to yellow and even Havanna green.

Find these any many, many more Chanel sunglasses at Sunglasses-Direct.

Chanel Sunglasses

June 9th, 2010

Chanel sunglasses first came to light in 1999, 28 years after Coco Chanel’s death, and have been an outstanding success ever since.

Chanel sunglasses are all about class and sophistication and sit at the top of the designer sunglasses market, they are a must have item for any high-end fashion admirer! They allow you to have slice of Chanel luxury without the high price tags of some of their clothing and accessories.

Chanel sunglasses are well known for their excellent quality, durability and style, and all are produced in small town in Italy. Over the years Chanel have produced some varying styles, from the Matelasse (quilted designs), to the Perle (pearl collections), to the softer Camelia (rose designs) all there collections are as stylish as the next.

Many Chanel sunglasses are available in different colour options, so if you can’t see the colour your after give us a call and we can give you all the colour options that Chanel produce. All Chanel sunglasses are sold with a beautiful authentic box, case, cleaning cloth and authenticity booklet with card.

Chanel are constantly coming up with new designs and collections for their customers, to keep their look fresh and innovative, and leaders in the fashion world. Whether it’s a visor, large plastic, or small a subtle sunglass your after Chanel can cater for all tastes.

Many celebs love to wear Chanel sunglasses including Jessica Alba, Kylie Minogue, Katie Price, Cheryl Cole, and Nicole Ritchie so why not look like your favourite celebrity by wearing the same Chanel sunglasses?

The Chanel Perle collection is a new approach from Chanel, with a small Chanel logo on the temple, and real cultured pearls used, it’s a new softer look. Chanel sunglasses previously had large logos to promote themselves, however they appear to have toned down the logos and brought a subtler look with branding not being so prominent on the sunglasses.

The Chanel logo is instantly recognisable worldwide and is a brand that never disappoints, so why not own a slice of Chanel luxury and class, with a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Chanel like to keep their sales exclusive so please call Sunglasses-Direct on 01159582888 to place your order.

Sunglasses – Chanel for timeless appeal

June 9th, 2010

For decades, Chanel has been one of the top fashion houses in the world, renowned for its classic, elegant and stylish collections. Chanel clothing and accessories are in constant demand, and its sunglasses collection is no exception. In fact, Chanel is a leading label when it comes to sophisticated eyewear.

Elegant Chanel sunglasses

Whether you’re imitating Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or you want to emulate the style of a more recent celebrity, you can’t go wrong with some of the classic shapes of Chanel sunglasses.

Chanel keeps its sunglasses exclusive by restricting their sale – ensuring that they only go to luxury stores and dedicated designer sunglasses boutiques. Chanel styles vary from bold and branded to stylish and subtle, so you’re certain to be able to find something that suits your taste.

Sunglasses celebrity-style

Of course, today’s celebrities are photographed wearing a range of designer sunglasses and have different brands for different outfits. There’s no mistaking when a celebrity wears Chanel sunglasses, however.

Even with the range of designs produced by the company, these sunglasses have a certain look and elegance which marks them out immediately. The number of celebrities wearing Chanel sunglasses means that the rest of us want a piece of the action.

The look and the cache associated with wearing Chanel sunglasses, along with the relative affordability means that you can emulate your favourite celebrity whenever the sun comes out.

Invest in your sunglasses

Unless you’re in the Rich List, you’re unlikely to be buying yourself several pairs of designer sunglasses every season.

For that reason, you want to invest in a pair that really suits you and that will last through other fashion changes. Chanel sunglasses are perfect if you want a pair of great quality sunglasses that will last for longer than your summer holiday.

The Chanel style is timeless, so you’ll always look great if you wear them with confidence, and look after them properly.

Buy Chanel at Sunglasses Direct

You can buy Chanel sunglasses from Sunglasses Direct. We have a wide range of styles on offer, all of which you can browse online.

When you’re ready to buy, make sure you’ve checked whether you can buy them online or whether you need to give us a call, as not all Chanel sunglasses are available to buy online. Just ring 0115 958 2888 to find out more.