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Ray Ban Legends Sunglasses Collection

Ray Ban legends collection is a new collection Ray Ban has launched in 2012. The iconic designs such as Aviator Large Metals RB 3025 and Rb 3447 Round eye have now been given new light tinted colours. Also in the collection is the Meteor 4148 and Laramie RB 4169 styles. Each sunglass features a special crystal lens colour treatment that gives truth to retro inspired styles in contemporary materials. All these styles are available in sky blue, light green and crystal rose lenses.

The reason behind the Ray Ban legends collection started from Ray ban sunglasses becoming largely iconic over the last 75 years, and this range is a celebration of the success Ray Ban has had for the past 75 years.

In the range is the RB 3025 Large Aviator metal, in colours 001/62 gold frame with sky blue lenses, 001/14 gold with green lenses. and 001/4B gold with cystal rose lenses.

RayBan RB 3447 is available in 011/14 green, 001/62 sky blue and 001/4B rose.

Ray Ban Laramie RB 4169 is available in 1079/4B rose, 1078/62 sky blue and 1073/14 green.

Ray Ban RB 4169 Laramie is a soft slightly upswept wayfarer styled frame with Ray ban logo on the temple area.

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Oakley Radar Switchlock – Coming Soon 2012

oakley Radar Switchlock will arrive in 2012 being showcased at London 2012 Olympics, worn by  most of the famous athletes.  The oakley RadarLock has the same system previously seen in the Oakley Fast Jacket and Oakley Jawbone sunglasses, with the metal switchlock design which allows the lens to be removed easily while worn.  This new idea is good for cyclists who can change lenses while riding and this design gives better field of sight due to the new switchlock system improving the lens area.

The oakley Radar Switchlock RadarLock will be available to purchase in 2012, with a limited edition Olympic version being sold.  Also being lauched for the 2012/13 season will be the Oakley RadarLock Team Sky edition.

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Chanel Sunglasses 2012 – Chanel CH 4196-Q

Chanel sunglasses for 2012 is all about chains with woven leather, and quilted leather designs.

Chanel CH 4196-Q is one 2012 sunglasses design which shows of the new quilted leather sides.  Made with calf shin the soft leather has been coloured into several finishes, such as white with silver frame, gunmetal with burgundy sides, silver with brown sides, silver with black sides and gold with dark brown sides.

Chanel sunglasses have also used mosaic as a new feature for 2012.

Chanel 5222 sunglasses has mosaic effect sides with an acetate front.

Chanel 5233 sunglasses which has thicker sides with mosaic effect sides and a thicker acetate front.

Chanel sunglasses are available at Sunglasses-Direct, so please telephone our Nottingham showroom to order Chanel sunglasses.