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A look at the Oakley Crosshair

Oakley Crosshair is a frame that has sold really well for Oakley for a few years now, and now they have released this brand new frame for 2012. The shape is similar to the old 2011 model however they have put a slight twist on it- with a lightly deeper lens.

Oakley Crosshair has some awesome colour options and alongside the outstanding lens quality and technology it’s sure to be a hit with Oakley lovers and new buyers! The lens technology behind Oakley including the HDO (High Definition Optics) which means the HDO lenses lets you see clearer, sharper and without magnification like ordinary wrap lenses. With the lenses in the Oakley Crosshair you see everything exactly where it is unlike some other sunglasses which can cause a shifted like view. They also offer 100% UV filtering and awesome impact protection, which means your eyes are protected to the max!

Polarised lenses is always a great option for those that wear their sunglasses a lot- or in bright light conditions as they cut out glare. The filtering on the lenses cuts out the type of glare that makes you squint alongside great clarity of vision with Oakley lenses. Polarised lenses also improve the depth perception. Another technology from Oakley applied to the Oakley Crosshair is the impact protection which is designed to protect your eyes through all impacts unlike many other sports and normal sunglasses.

Oakley Crosshair comes with free delivery in the UK from Sunglasses-Direct, if you have any questions about the Oakley Crosshair call us on 01159589820 and one of our team who are trained Oakley specialists will be able to assist you.