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Tom Ford Marko Sunglasses in the spotlight with James Bond Skyfall DVD Release

Daniel Craig wearing Tom Ford TF144This week sees the release of the hugely successful James Bond Skyfall Movie on DVD and Blu-Ray, putting the excellent Tom Ford TF144 Marko sunglasses right in the spotlight once again. Skyfall became the highest grossing film of 2012, took over £20 billion in its opening weekend and became the highest grossing Bond film ever here in the UK.

There’s no denying that the image of Bond himself plays a huge part in the success of the films, and the decision for Bond to wear the Tom Ford TF144 Marko sunglasses continued this success.

Speaking in a recent behind-the-scenes video, ‘Skyfall’ costume designer Jany Temime explained the thought-process behind the Bond look.

“James Bond is such an iconic figure that you have to respect a certain style – an English gentleman perfectly dressed up.”

The gunmetal frame and blue lens of the Tom Ford Marko perfectly compliment any smart dressed individual, whilst at the same time are casual enough to be worn with everyday attire.

To mark the occasion, we are offering an excellent discount of £15 on the Tom Ford TF144 Marko sunglasses, this is a limited time offer, so be quick!

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Pedal Medal Winner Wiggins Wears Only Oakley


Not only is he Britain’s first ever Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins surpassed Sir Steve Redgrave as his country’s most decorated Olympian at the London 2012 Olympics.
Named BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 in December, Mod icon Wiggins defies all of the cycling stereotypes. In fact it was reported in The Sun yesterday that his award takes pride of place in his local pub (the Original Farmers Arms in Eccleston) where Bradley is a regular.

In the New Year’s Honours List, Bradley has also been awarded a knighthood. He stated that it was a fitting tribute for himself and the other athletes recognised on the list.

When it comes to his sunglasses, Sir Bradley certainly likes Oakley. When cycling, he wears the Oakley Jawbone and it is said that this is his favourite sports frame. He is also a big fan of the classic Holbrook frame too (pictured).

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Oakley Icon Davids Returns to Football

In the surprise transfer move of the football season, Dutch legend Edgar Davids has signed for npower League Two outfit Barnet.

The new signing, the highest profile in the club’s 124-year history, will adopt a player-manager role- sharing Head Coach responsibilities with, the incumbent, Mark Robson.

Davids, now 39, will return to on-field service after a two-year absence. It is, indeed, the second time that he has come out of retirement. In 2010, he broke another two-year absence to embark on a short spell with Crystal Palace.

Since leaving Palace, Davids has kept himself active through a variety of community and charity projects. Not least of these has been his involvement with a series of global street soccer initiatives. Attesting to his great physical conditioning, an official statement has suggested that Davids could be ready to make his playing re-debut within the next fortnight.

An on-field return, would mark the beginning of a 20th footballing season for the iconic Dutchman. In his 19-year career, to date, Davids has earned 74 caps for his national team, won a Champions League medal with Ajax, and helped Juventus to three Serie A titles.

What’s more, Davids has been able to transcend the confines of football and become one the most historically-significant proponents of the, high-tech, Oakley sports eye-wear range. The glaucoma sufferer’s endorsement of the Oakley Racing Jacket design, led to the frame becoming a worldwide best-seller.  Oakley embraced this buzz by releasing the Oakley Pitbull frame, which bears the nickname of the tenacious ball-winner. Both designs are influenced by the goggles worn by action sports participants, including snowboarders and cyclists, and offer ultra-reliable protection to the eyes of both sportsmen and everyday wearers.

In conversation with the BBC, Barnet’s Director of Football Paul Fairclough said of the shock signing:

“The capture of Davids is a statement of intent by our club, to improve results and lay further foundations for the future.

Edgar is a world-renowned footballer and will be a great example to all our young players.”

In his new role, Davids will be actively involved in training, drawing upon his experiences at elite nurturing clubs, such as Ajax and Barcelona, to aid in the development of Barnet’s youngsters.

The Underhill club currently lie at the foot of the English League pyramid, having yet to win a game this season.

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Bond to wear Tom Ford in ‘Skyfall ‘

Important news, for those hoping to capture the James Bond image, in time for the October 23rd premiere of ‘Skyfall’.

Fresh leaks have revealed images of Hollywood megastar Daniel Craig wearing a pair of Tom Ford TF144 Marko frames on set, during production. These images have confirmed long-standing rumours that Bond’s relationship with Ford would carry over from the ‘Quantum of Solace’ movie.

Speaking in a recent behind-the-scenes video, ‘Skyfall’ costume designer Jany Temime explained the thought-process behind the Bond look.

“James Bond is such an iconic figure that you have to respect a certain style – an English gentleman perfectly dressed up.”

With that being said, Craig’s presentation in ‘Skyfall’ will not, 100%, fit the Bond archetype. Temime has been the catalyst behind a subtle evolution, with the classic film series now reaching the age of 50-years-young.

“Sometimes doing a lot of difficult stunts with beautiful, glamorous women in exotic locations. That’s what’s expected to be seen, so you have to give a new look to a very successful image. They wanted suits that were very near his body. Very supple suits that moved with him.

I wanted to give the whole look a little edge because, although his suits are tailored and they are handmade, he should wear them with a little 2012 touch.”

If the leaked images are anything to go by, the bold edge of Ford’s uniquely tailored suit style will be reflected by Bond’s choice of eyewear. A suited and booted 007 is set to traverse a contemporary story world, carrying an air of indestructibility, with metallic silver and royal blue shades being predominant colour-themes throughout the motion picture.

Needless to say, ‘Skyfall’ is set to be one of the biggest box office smashes of the year. Once the film hits the big screen, sales of Tom Ford fashion items are sure to boom, which will turn the TF144 Marko and its sister ranges into gold-dust.

Rush over to our Tom Ford brand page now, to get the look while stocks last!

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Aviators set to take-off again: ‘Top Gun 2’ rumours

The 1986 film franchise, that first popularised the Ray-Ban Aviator 3025, is on its way back, bringing its iconic style along with it.

Hollywood megastar, Tom Cruise is heavily rumoured to be reprising his lead-role in the long-awaited sequel to ‘Top Gun’.

Rumour has it that Cruise’s character Maverick will, this time around, be a test pilot for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This theory was, recently, backed up by the program manager of Lockheed Martin, Tom Burbage, during National Aeronautics Association lunch event. Burbage intimated that the start of filming, at the aerospace company’s base, was imminent.

It’s interesting to note that, in the two-and-a-half decades since the original ‘Top Gun’ was released, un-manned crafts have taken over the world of warfare. So much so, that the F-35 may well be the last piloted fighter aircraft to be made in the Western world. The choice to feature the West’s last manned fighter in the movie sequel could truly capture a moment in time.

Nowadays, a drone pilot is said to see more action in a week than a traditional fighter pilot does in a month. Entire squadrons of US military fighter pilots have made the transition from using manned aircraft to using, the safer, remote-controlled drones. Many of the best test pilots now graduate already armed with extensive drone experience.  The classic F-14 Tomcats, flown by Maverick and Iceman in the original movie, were retired from operational service in 2006.

The ‘Top Gun’ crew’s real life counterparts, the Naval Air Forces, have begun testing the futuristic X-47B drone, which is likely to end up flying alongside the last of the manned fighter jets. It’s possible that such drones will be a feature of ‘Top Gun 2’, when it hits the silver screen. Indeed, if it’s to be grounded in reality, the movie will need to throw light on the challenges faced by modern fighter pilots. In the age of the drone, writers Christopher McQuarrie and Peter Craig must find a balance between the robotic nature of modern warfare and the glamourous dog-fighting of the original film.

Meanwhile, unlike manned fighter planes, Aviator shades are irreplaceable.

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Oakley Frogskins: It’s 1984 all over again!

A smash hit with fans of 80s retro, Frogskins are the design that put Oakley sunglasses on the map.

Re-issued for a new era, their vibrant colours have attracted a diverse assortment of celebrity wearers; from Kanye West to Liv Tyler and from Rihanna to Valentino Rossi.

Speaking of Rossi, it’s a little known fact that Oakley’s original products were a form of cutting-edge motorbike handgrip.

In the mid 1970s, founder Jim Jannard created a small-scale “garage brand” and named the company after his pet dog. Jannard’s holistic love of bike-sports meant, however, that it wasn’t long before Oakley made its first steps into eyewear production. The company’s first sport-specific sunglasses were introduced in 1984.

Soon, Oakley had branched out further, producing all-round performance sunglasses. With their, unmistakable, Iridium-finish lenses, Frogskins went on to dominate the late ‘80s eyewear revolution. The kaleidoscopic range captured the imagination of a generation.

Twenty years on, the Oakley Frogskin has been re-issued, with a number of modernisations having been made, increasing the strength and flexibility of the design.

– Made in Japan, the original Frogskins used separate, metal hinges. On the current, Italian, model, the hinges are the integrated into the frame.
– The modern re-vamped Frogskin is constructed from a nylon-based material.
– Frogskins now possess bevelled hinges, rather than the outmoded cyndrical variation.
– Historically, the prominent Oakley logos were simple screen-prints. Today, the glasses feature a raised emblem – designed to combat counterfeiting.
– Contemporary Frogskins also benefit from the modern technical lens geometry that has become a synonymous with the name “Oakley”.

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Tom Cruise Wears Ray Ban 3449 Sunglasses at Rock of Ages Premiere


At the recent UK premiere of his new movie ‘Rock of Ages’, Tom Cruise was seen sporting a rather smart alternative to the classic aviator.

This rimless version of the best selling aviator RB 3025 has the same classic shape is but the frame has no metal rim.

The Ray Ban 3449 is available with polarised or non-polarised lenses and in a variety of different colours.

It is a lightweight version of the Ray Ban Aviator with toughened plastic lenses and rimless design. The lenses are extremely strong and 100% UV protecting.

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One Direction singer Harry Styles wears Ray Ban Wayfarer


Harry Styles was recently seen wearing a classic pair of Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer sunglasses.

Ray Ban 2140 are available in different colours and lenses including Red, Black, White, Pink and Purple.

Ray Ban has become one of the best selling fashion frames in the world right now and are in real demand!

Sunglasses-Direct UK offer the Rayban Wayfarer with free delivery within the UK,we hold large stocks of RayBan frames so next day delivery is usually available. The Rayban Wayfarer comes with an authentic Rayban hard case, cleaning cloth and box.

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Vanessa Hudgens wears Ray Ban 4147


Vanessa Hudgens was snapped this month in Australia wearing the lovely Ray Ban 4147 sunglasses.

Ray Ban 4147 are large plastic oversized sunglasses. They have a slight oval shape to the lens with traditional Ray Ban logo on the arms, and the silver pins on the front.

Like all Ray Bans the RB4147 has the Ray Ban logo etched on the top of the right hand lens, to prove the authenticity. All Ray Ban lenses are some of the best around, especially the G15 Green lens which was Ray ban first lens.

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Original image and more of Vanessa Hudgens can be found at the Daily Mail

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Miley Cyrus Wears Ray Ban 3447 Sunglasses


Here we have Miley Cyrus sporting a pair of Ray Ban 3447 Sunglasses whilst out and about recently. This rounded sunglass style has proved to be popular throughout 2011 and we think it will remain so into 2012. This model has character and will certanly help make you stand out of the crowd!

The RB 3447 followed the trends for the 2011 season, as round was back!

Ray Ban 3447 sunglasses are available in 6 different colours and in polarised and non-polarised lens options. The Ray Ban 3447 gives of a rock vibe, with a chic ultra fashionable edge.

The RB 3447 comes with free delivery in the UK, so visit Sunglasses Direct today!