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Chanel 2012 sunglasses

Chanel 2012 Sunglasses

This season Chanel has really brought style and elegance alongside quality back to the forefront of their designs. The Chanel 2012 collections have a hint of the traditional with a modern, retro twist. The iconic intertwined ‘CC’ with some added luxurious extras is set to be a great hit this year with Chanel lovers.

Sunglasses-Direct offer our loyal and new customers the chance to purchase some of the most stunning designs Chanel has produced in many years. Collections include the Chainmail collection which takes its inspirations from the chain mail handles from their famous handbags, also entwined with leather – the Chainmail collection oozes style and class.
Chanel 5208-Q is a brilliantly styled sunglass, with a soft rectangular shape made from acetate, which is not plastic which it is often mistaken for- Acetate is a mixture of cotton and wood which takes around 3 months to make and all Chanel frames are assembled by hand in Italy in a very lengthy process and carried out by highly skilled specialists.

The Chanel 5208-Q is available in 5 different colour options and all have varying colours of chain, in either gold, gunmetal or silver and also different shades of leather down the centre of the chain.


Along with the Chanel Chainmail collection they have also released a Mosaic collection with beautiful detailing on the arms like small particles of glass that gives a stunning effect. One piece of the Chain mail collection is the Chanel 5222, which follows the up and coming high-fashion trend for cats-eye and upswept shapes. The Chanel 5222 is slightly oversized acetate with metal arms that hold the mosaic designs. The Chanel 5222 comes on 4 very wearable colours and depending on your skin tone or hair colour light or darker, you will find the correct shade for you!

Chanel is a brand that is known and recognised for style and quality across the entire world, they allow a slice of their high-end fashion to the masses with their elegant sunglasses. Chanel produces a variety of styles of sunglasses, from oversized acetates through to metal aviators so you are sure to find a pair you will love. Get your Chanel 2012 sunglasses from Sunglasses-Direct now by calling one of our fully trained consultants on 01159589820.