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Chanel sunglasses for 2011

Chanel Sunglasses 2011
From the early 1900s, CHANEL has developed as a classic, iconic fashion brand known to produce high-end cosmetics, clothing, sunglasses and more. The successful fashion house was launched by the late Coco Chanel, a world renowned French designer who still stands as an outstanding influence in today’s fashion world. Chanel is iconically simple and ageless, as the brand has gained immense popularity in today’s fashion world. Among their luxury items Chanel sunglasses are currently recognised as the must have accessory for a chic stylish woman.

Chanel sunglasses are totally unique in there design, these sunglasses are crafted in Italy and are made of extremely high quality acetates and metals for a great lasting, high quality frame. Chanel sunglasses are well known for the iconic interlinked double ‘C’, which makes Chanel sunglasses instantly recognisable.

With the development of the Chanel brand, there are now some cutting edge designs on offer. Chanel has always been known for there classic, chic, feminine designs that will last a lifetime, but they are now introducing new more modern designs into the collection too. Although other high-end designers such as Gucci and Prada also offer luxury sunglasses, there is no other brand that maintains the image of Chanel, and the desirability to own a Chanel product! Chanel sunglasses allow normal women to own a piece of high-end, pure luxury, Italian fashion without the extreme price tag of the clothing or bags!

Chanel sunglasses for 2011 are striking and bold, with some great designs. The Chanel 4189-Q is set to be huge, with a bold aviator style and with the iconic double C its modern but has the traditional side to Chanel designs. The Chanel 4189-Q is also reasonable at a price of £170 as Chanel sunglasses are getting above the £200 mark easily as the seasons pass.

The other Chanel sunglass that is set to continue to sell very well this year is the Chanel 5171 and Chanel 5170. These beautiful frames are part of the Chanel Bow collection. The Chanel 5170 is a smaller version with an elegant shaped frame and lovely tied bow on the temple, in various colour options. The larger Chanel 5171 is a slightly oversized plastic frame for a more high fashion look, with the stunning bow detailing also on both arms. The small bow has the iconic double C for authenticity and a subtle Chanel hint.
The Chanel 5171 and 5170 are both very reasonably priced for Chanel sunglasses at only £150.

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