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Expert Tips: More advice on spotting fake sunglasses

We received a great response to July 18th’s blog, a guide to identifying counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses, which can be found here.

Many people contacted us to ask for some further, more general, information on fake eyewear. With that in mind, our industry experts have outlined a few extra tell-tale signs to look out for, in a potential pair of fakes…

Be wary of websites with Far Eastern connections, particularly connections of the clandestine kind. Fake Western fashion goods are beginning to flood the Chinese and Japanese markets. In some Eastern circles, wearing fake goods is considered to be an acceptable rite of passage into legitimate designer brand buying.

One way to check the legitimacy of a site’s purported geographic location is to run a domain name search. If a site that presents itself as a Western site is registered to a Chinese organisation, you may have a bootlegger on your hands. Why not try running a WhoIs search using

At this juncture, it should be added that there are legitimate dealers in China. However, Far Eastern legal systems are often less well-equipped to eliminate fraud than their Anglo-American equivalents.

Customers should apply the same kind of wariness when buying on eBay – although it can be tricky to accurately ascertain which eBayers are trustworthy. Checking a product description for basic English errors can often be a useful tactic.

Also, typically, if an eBayer goes to excessive length to tell you that their item is “legitimate”, they might just have a guilty conscience.

Wishing you a happy (and safe) shopping spree!

The Sunglasses Direct Team