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Iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Fabulous new Colours

Based on Browline spectacle frames originally designed in 1947, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is arguably one of the most easily recognised sunglass designs of all time. The Browline frame was first made popular in the 1950’s where they made up for almost 50% of all spectacles sold in the US during this period.

Ray-Ban chose to use this frame style for their Clubmaster sunglasses and is still making them today due to their timeless looks. With its retro design, the Clubmaster is as fashionable today as it ever was and in fact has once again become one of the ‘must have sunglasses’ styles for 2009/10.

Worn by counter-culture intellectuals and civil rights leaders from times gone by, it has become the perfect choice for a new generation of afficinados discovering these designer sunglasses for the first time as well as those who grew up with their classic lines.

Worn by a multitude of style icons and celebrities alike it is easy to see why Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are still as popular today as they ever were. Worn in films such as Reservoir Dogs by Tim Roth, recently sported around town by Kylie Minogue and even to court by Lindsay Lohan, the Clubmaster is a firm favourite.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters are available in a wide range of colours from the classic Black and Tortoise shell, to the new kids on the block such as Cobalt Blue Marble and Pearl White.

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