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Maui Jim Sunglasses 2011


Maui Jim sunglasses are known world-wide for selling the best polarised lenses in the world. As the 3rd biggest selling designer sunglass brand in the world, they are surely doing something right as they have many repeat customers across the globe.

The difference between a normal pair of sunglasses and a pair of Maui Jims is evident as soon as they are worn, glare is gone in an instant! The lens technology of the colour-infused Polarised-Plus 2 of Maui Jim sunglasses means that colours are more vivid, crisper and brighter and you won’t believe it until you try it. The outstanding technology of the lens also means the lens is distortion free, so no matter where you look through the lens the vision with be crystal clear.

Maui Jim sunglasses offer four different lens types, all of which are polarised as Maui Jim only sell polarised sunglasses-

1. Neutral Grey- the darkest lens options for the brightest type of sunlight, so no more squinting!

2. HCL Bronze- a warm lens to look through, for full sun through to overcast conditions.

3. Maui Rose- a warm lens to look through, for full sun through to overcast conditions. Provides a subtle rose tint.

4. Maui HT- for low light conditions, a high transmission lens, for times when most lenses would be too dark, ideal for foggy days or late afternoon conditions.

Maui Jim also use three different types of lens materials. Maui Evolution, an everyday lens for an active lifestyle. The Maui Evolution combines super thin hard coated glass and super rigid polycarbonate. The second type of lens they use is polycarbonate on its own, ideal for active and sports use as the lenses are shatter resistant, and injection molded for clear optics! The final material used in Maui Jim sunglasses is super thin glass, for excellent clarity and scratch resistant.

Maui Jim also offer some of the best prescription lenses in the world which Sunglasses-Direct can also offer- just give us a call on 01159589820.