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Oakley ‘Back to Basics’ Eyewear Range

We recently posted about the re-release of the classic Oakley Frogskin but this is just one frame that forms part of the Oakley Back to Basics Sunglasses range.

Oakley are renowned worldwide for their production of technically advanced sunglasses such as the fast jacket, jawbone and flak jacket that push the boundaries of sunglass design. It is of little wonder that Oakley sunglasses are worn by professional sports people worldwide.

However, sometimes it’s just good to go right back to basics and produce a good pair of sunglasses that does not have (or need) all the bells and whistles that other models have. Well, this is what Oakley have done with the six frames in their Back to Basics eyewear range.

Lets take a look at these frames in a little more detail…

Oakley Frogskin


We’ve talked about this one recently but Oakley Frogskin sunglasses are a nice casual frame that were originally released back in the eighties. Available in a myriad of bright colours, the Frogskin is a true classic.

Oakley Holbrook

Closely resembling the Frogskin, Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are another retro styled frame. Most notably worn by snowboarding legend Shaun White, the Holbrook is a classic, available in various colours although the matte white with violet iridium lenses are one of our favourites.


Oakley FuelCell

The Oakley Fuelcell is a solid, sturdy plastic frame with the instantly recognisable Oakley ‘O’ on the temple. The Fuel Cell has a great curve on the lens to provide brilliant protection from all angles of sunlight.

The Fuel cell is lightweight, so very comfortable, and has the Oakley three-point fit, so the frame only touches in three places- behind the ears and on the nose- ensuring they are as comfortable as they can possibly be!

Oakley Gascan

Oakley Gascan sunglasses are another frame that follows a simple design. The Oakley Gascan come with a year’s warranty and are ideal for someone sensitive to light as the frame wraps nicely around the face. They also come with large thick arms to completely block sunlight from all angles. The Oakley Gascan sits right into the eye socket and fits with great comfort.

Oakley Eyepatch 2

The Oakley Eyepatch 2 is a large square Oakley frame that comes with a rather intricate arm. Polaric Ellipsoid geometry ensures maximum visual clarity and the two lenses are cut from a single toric shape of lens material and precisely positioned within the frame to maintain the original contour.

Oakley Batwolf

The Oakley Batwolf have a nice clean look and really make a statement. They have a single continuous lens that curves around the lightweight O Matter frame.

The Batwolf also comes with dual cam hinges that blend smoothly into the sculpture and the three point fit as well. The Oakley Batwolf has been designed to fit comfortably on medium to large faces.

If you want to get your hands on any of the Back to Basics range, why not take a look at Sunglasses Direct or give us a ring on 0115 958 9820 today.