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Oakley Fast Jacket here with weeks


Oakley Fast Jacket sunglasses, new for 2011.

In challenging sport, the difference between victory and losing often comes down to planing. If you want to be victorious, you have to be prepared for anything—especially changing illumination and climate conditions. That’s why Oakley created Fast Jacket, a sunglass designed with Switchlock Technology so you’re prepared for anything the world’s conditions might throw at you.

Oakley’s Fast Jacket features two simple switches—one on each side of the sunglasses. In the “up” position, the lenses are locked in the frame. But with a quick switch to the “down” position, lenses can be easily removed from the sunglasses and replaced with another lens-type. So when your environment goes from dry to damp or day to night, Fast Jacket™ prepares you to adapt in as little as a few seconds.

Oakley Fast Jacket is due for for release worldwide in June 2011. For details and sunglasses colour options phone our Nottingham sunglasses store on 01159582888.