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Oakley Frogskins: It’s 1984 all over again!

A smash hit with fans of 80s retro, Frogskins are the design that put Oakley sunglasses on the map.

Re-issued for a new era, their vibrant colours have attracted a diverse assortment of celebrity wearers; from Kanye West to Liv Tyler and from Rihanna to Valentino Rossi.

Speaking of Rossi, it’s a little known fact that Oakley’s original products were a form of cutting-edge motorbike handgrip.

In the mid 1970s, founder Jim Jannard created a small-scale “garage brand” and named the company after his pet dog. Jannard’s holistic love of bike-sports meant, however, that it wasn’t long before Oakley made its first steps into eyewear production. The company’s first sport-specific sunglasses were introduced in 1984.

Soon, Oakley had branched out further, producing all-round performance sunglasses. With their, unmistakable, Iridium-finish lenses, Frogskins went on to dominate the late ‘80s eyewear revolution. The kaleidoscopic range captured the imagination of a generation.

Twenty years on, the Oakley Frogskin has been re-issued, with a number of modernisations having been made, increasing the strength and flexibility of the design.

– Made in Japan, the original Frogskins used separate, metal hinges. On the current, Italian, model, the hinges are the integrated into the frame.
– The modern re-vamped Frogskin is constructed from a nylon-based material.
– Frogskins now possess bevelled hinges, rather than the outmoded cyndrical variation.
– Historically, the prominent Oakley logos were simple screen-prints. Today, the glasses feature a raised emblem – designed to combat counterfeiting.
– Contemporary Frogskins also benefit from the modern technical lens geometry that has become a synonymous with the name “Oakley”.