Celine CL 41756 ZZ Top sunglasses Black 807


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Celin ZZ top CL 41756
Celine ZZ top CL 41756  S Sunglasses is the iconic large plastic sunglasses style worn by Kim Kardashian and sisters in The Kardashians.  The front of the frame consists of a large rectangle Wayfarer design with thick plastic sides.  The zz top celine design has the classic 3 pins on the sides the a striking vertical metal chrome bar.

Celine CL 41756 ZZ top Sunglasses Black 807

This Black style has polarised lenses to reduce glare and get excellent vision on bright sunny days.  This Celine model ZZ top comes with a Celine case, cloth and box.  Celine is produced by top Italian sunglasses manufacturer Safilo Eyewear who are known for producing sunglasses for many top brands like Dior and Gucci.  The lenses in the Celine 41756 and 100% UV blocking and stop all harmfull rays into the eyes including blue light, UVA, UVB.  This Celine sunglasses model is covered by a 2 year warranty, proving that this product is of the best quality.  Celine CL 41756 ZZ top Sunglasses have been voted one of the top sunglasses by many of the fashion press.  Its bold statement design as well as celebrity endorsements  have made this the must have sunglasses over the past few years.

This Celine sunglasses model is also available as a prescription option.  The vision for most types of prescriptions is perfect as the flat front design gives better vision than wrap round curved designs that give more distortion.  Varifocal lenses can be fitted into this frame as the depth is perfect.  Celine CL 41756 ZZ top Sunglasses Black 807

Order today and most Celine sunglasses can be delivered next day.  Celine sunglasses are extremely hard to obtain as during the summer months they are very popular, so we will contact you if there any stock delays.  For other Celine sunglasses designs visit https://www.sunglasses-direct.co.uk/