Maui Jim Makaha G805-0225 Reader


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The Maui Jim Makaha G805-0225 Reader sunglasses offer a stylish and functional eyewear solution with their rimless frames and clear, vibrant lenses. Here are the key details about these reader sunglasses:

  • Frame Color: Gloss Black – The gloss black frame provides a sleek and modern appearance. It’s a versatile choice that complements various fashion styles and occasions.
  • Lens Color: Neutral Grey – The Neutral Grey lenses offer outstanding color and contrast enhancement while preserving natural color perception. They are particularly effective in bright, sunny conditions.
  • Lens Material: MauiBrilliant – MauiBrilliant is a premium lens material known for its durability and optical clarity. It delivers exceptional visual acuity and ensures a sharp and crisp view.
  • Lens Power: +2.50 – These reader sunglasses feature an almost invisible bifocal with a power of +2.50. The bifocal is encased in polycarbonate and strategically positioned to optimize distance views while providing near vision assistance when needed.

The Maui Jim Makaha G805-0225 Reader sunglasses combine the beauty of clear and vibrant lenses with the convenience of reader lenses, making them a practical and stylish choice for individuals who value both fashion and functionality in their eyewear.