Ray-Ban RB 3016 W0365 Clubmaster Sunglasses


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The Ray-Ban RB3016 W0365 Clubmaster Sunglasses are a classic and iconic eyewear choice that has remained popular over the years. These sunglasses are known for their retro-inspired design, combining elements of timeless style with modern sensibility. Here are the key details and features of these sunglasses:


  • The Clubmaster sunglasses feature a semi-rimless design that adds a touch of vintage sophistication to your look.
  • The round lenses provide a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, setting them apart from other frames.

Frame Color:

  • These sunglasses come in an elegant black and gold frame color combination, offering a refined and stylish aesthetic.
  • Black and gold is a classic color pairing that exudes a sense of luxury and timelessness.


  • The G15 green lenses offer clear and sharp vision while reducing glare from bright sunlight.
  • They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, ensuring that your eyes are shielded from harmful sun rays.


  • Like all Ray-Ban sunglasses, these Clubmaster sunglasses prioritize eye protection, making them ideal for outdoor activities and sunny days.

Color Options:

  • The Clubmaster sunglasses are available in various bold and vibrant colors, allowing you to express your individual style and make a fashion statement.


  • Included with these sunglasses are a Ray-Ban leather case for safe storage, a cleaning cloth to maintain lens clarity, and authenticity cards to verify their genuine origin.

The Ray-Ban RB3016 W0365 Clubmaster Sunglasses are a versatile accessory suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re attending a casual outing, enjoying a sunny day outdoors, or simply want to elevate your everyday style, these sunglasses effortlessly combine retro charm with contemporary fashion. Their timeless appeal and eye protection features make them an excellent choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in their eyewear.

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