Ray-Ban RB 3447 112 Z2 Round Metal Sunglasses


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The Ray-Ban RB 3447 112 Z2 Round Metal Sunglasses offer a distinctive and iconic style that is sure to make a statement. These sunglasses are designed with round frames that evoke a sense of timeless fashion, reminiscent of John Lennon’s iconic style and reminiscent of 1990s trends. However, Ray-Ban has brought this classic design into the modern era with a fresh update. Here are the key features and details of these sunglasses:

Frame Design:

  • The round frames are a distinctive and eye-catching feature of these sunglasses, giving them a unique and memorable appearance.
  • The frames are crafted in a matte gold color, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your look.


  • These sunglasses feature lenses in a brown-pink mirror color. This lens color not only provides excellent sun protection but also adds a stylish and contemporary flair to your outfit.

Size Options:

  • The Ray-Ban RB 3447 112 Z2 Round Metal Sunglasses are available in two size options: 50 or 53. This allows you to choose the size that best fits your face shape and personal style.

Nose Bridge and Arms:

  • The sunglasses feature a slightly curved nose bridge for added comfort and a secure fit.
  • The straight, thin metal arms contribute to the stylish and simplistic look of the sunglasses.

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