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Ray Ban RB 8305 Carbon Fibre Lightweight Sunglasses

Ray Ban 8305 is a smaller version of the RB 8306 with its wrap- around lens technology and extremely comfortable lightweight frame. The Ray Ban Carbon Fibre collection brings together the traditional designs and best selling styles along side novel, futuristic technology.

The technology used in the Carbon Fibre allows the frames to have maximum strength, but also keep a lightweight feel for great comfort and fitting. The carbon fibre used in the arms allows the Ray Ban 8305 to be extremely flexible- great for sport use with the sport fitting arms. The sport fitting is designed with injected rubber end tips to give maximum grip against the head and to to cling on behind the ears to ensure a secure fit!

The Carbon Fibre used in the RB 8305 consists of 7 different layers for total strength and rigidity. Ray Ban put all their sunglasses through rigid testing processes, for example they have a machine that will open and close the arms to text the joints several hundred times! The Ray Ban 8305 is different in fact the RB 8305 hinges have no welding so less to go wrong!

The lenses in the Ray Ban 8305 are just as technical and impressive! The tech range boasts Ray Ban P3 lenses, for advanced clear vision and elimination of glare. The P3 lens are available in glass and plastic, P3 are the best form of polarized lenses from Ray Ban, and make colours stand out, completely eliminate glare as well as the standard 100% UVA/B/C protection from all Ray Ban lenses.

Sunglasses-Direct offer the RB 8305 for just £140 for non-polarised and £140 for polarized versions. The RRP for the RB8305 is over £139 so it’s a real bargain from us!

The Ray Ban 8305 comes with the Ray Ban Tech box, case and cleaning cloth, which is different to the standard Ray Ban packaging. For more information- call Sunglasses-Direct on 01159589820.