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Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Cruise Control

Ray-Ban sunglasses have come a long way since the eighties when Tom Cruise made the shades cool in Risky Business. Now a new generation has reclaimed the designer sunglasses – even Barack Obama has been spotted wearing a pair.

Ray-Bans have something of an iconic status in modern history. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were launched into America in the 1950s where they were soon on everybody’s wish-list after they were worn by fashion icons on and off the silver screen. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer designer sunglasses were a hit with men and women thanks to the likes of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn wearing the shades in timeless classics including Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And unlike some designer sunglasses that are forever associated with a particular era, Ray-Ban Wayfarer designer sunglasses have travelled effortlessly through time, leaping into the 1980s when a string of film characters embraced the Ray-Bans look. The most famous being Tom Cruise in the classic Risky Business.

Ray-Bans Get Our Vote

Tom Cruise is one of many film stars to sport the designer sunglasses, but the shades also added a little glamour to the political world. In American history, there have only been two Presidents who have exuded charisma – John F Kennedy and Barack Obama. But it isn’t just charisma and hyperbolic speeches that links the two men – they have both worn Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Designer Sunglasses Hit All The Right Notes

It’s not surprising that Ray-Bans are the ultimate designer sunglasses. Hepburn made them into “an accessory legend” alongside the little black dress. And the designer glasses step effortlessly from the chic-Hollywood-glamour to the wilder, ragged edges of rock ‘n’ roll. In the sixties, music legends Bob Dylan and John Lennon wore the designer sunglasses. In the eighties cult singer Blondie (Deborah Harry) donned a pair of the iconic shades, as did rock giants U2. Some believe that Ray-Bans are the widest selling brand of sunglasses in history. And it seems the iconic brand is set to continue being reclaimed by each new generation. As well as the classic Ray-Ban design, Ray-Bans have evolved and developed with sleeker, slimmer lines (as sported by Barack Obama). The shades were originally the sunglasses of pilots, but it was the iconic celebrities that claimed the sunglasses as their own that ensured the designer sunglasses became the global phenomenon they are today.

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