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Sunglasses for sport designed by Oakley

Sunglasses for sport designed by Oakley started with Jim Jannard who was a young scientist who began experimenting with optics and began to change the standard of what could be done. In 1975 and with a small sum of £250 he set up Oakley withy the idea to produce some totally different and new. His first project was a motorcycle handgrip, which was produced by the new material Unobtainium which actually increases grip with sweat. The first Oakley eyewear created by Jim Jannard was the O Frame goggle with a lens curved in the perfect are of a cylinder.

From this Oakley sunglasses was born and the rest is history. The next creation was the Eyeshades which had much increase curved optics than any other sunglasses available. the Eyeshades was made famas in the Tour de France with stars such as Lance Armstrong wearing new sunglasses for sport. Oakley has been awarded with 540 patents worldwide with its new eyewear products and technologies, make Oakley sports sunglasses the best in it’s class. The history of Oakley is as follows, O Frame MX Goggles, Eyeshades, Blades, M Frame, Sub Zero, Eye Jackets, Racing Jacket, Half Jackets, Over the top, X Metal and many more.

Oakley sunglasses are the leaders in performance sunglasses, and Oakley has advances in sports technology and have changed the barriers with patented optics advances. Oakley polarised lenses are produced in the liquid state eliminating distortion found in the normal techologies. Oakley eyewear makes the difference between owning a pair of polarised oakley lenses you will reap the rewards.

Sunglasses by Oakley are impact resistant and exceed all industry standards. The Oakley lenses are now hydrophobic, so water and oils just run off the surface giving clear and sharper vision. Oakley’s high definition optics or HDO is a number of technologies which give the best optical quality in a curved lens. Oakley goggles are another speciality of Oakley Eyewear, which offer protection to those who ski, motocross, snowboard and ride BMX. The Oakley 3D cranial fit gives a perfect fit and Oakley googles have a built in anti fog device.


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