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Sunglasses for sport. Oakley Flak Jackets

Oakley Flak Jackets are for sports people who demand only the best and the flak jacket has answered this quest. Professional athletics have pushed Oakley to produce innovation after innovation, which includes special interchangeable lens designs with the best vision and clarity. Oakley Flak Jacket takes it to the next level of sports performance technology.

The oakley Flak jacket lenses are hydrophobic which stops water from leaving residue and stains on the lenses which reduces vision through the lenses. Not only does the water just run off the lenses, oil and grease marks can be cleaned off the surface very easily. The Flak jacket lenses are high definition optics, which give excellent protection against sunlight.

The Oakley Flak Jacket have been produced with changeable nose pads of different sizes, meaning theses sunglasses can fit all different bridge sizes. These nose pads and side sleeves are produced from unobtainium, which allows the sunglasses to grip the face, especially with sweat that creates a sticky surface. The Oakley Flak Jacket is manufactured with O-Matter material which is lightweight and strong for sports and gives it high-velocity impact protection.

The Flak Jacket lenses are available in a standard lens shape which are shallower and XLJ deeper lens shape. Polarised lens options are available made using a liquid fusion to give the best possible vision and reduce glare. The plutonite lens material blocks out 100% of all UVC, UVB and UVA and the lenses are impact resistant giving the best protection for the eyes in sport.

Livestrong Flak Jacket is a limited edition black and yellow version for both the standard and XLJ Flak Jackets. Around £10 is donated to the Livestrong Foundation for every pair sold. Lance Armstrong runs this charity in the fight against cancer.

Ian Poulter Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ worn by the flamboyant british golfer. These sunglasses are white with red ear socks and nose pads and positive red iridium lenses with a union jack Oakley icon.

The Flak Jacket now can be custom made to any colour combination of frame and lens choice.

The Oakley web site shows how you can choose eye sock colour and oakley icon finish.

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