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Sunglasses – Life Through a Lens

Prada, Chanel, Versace, Tom Ford – Celebrities love looking at life through a designer lens.

Designer sunglasses are the epitome of cool. And celebrities love them. In fact, there are some celebrities who seem to never leave the house, day or night, without wearing their designer sunglasses – just think of Bono or Victoria Beckham. Their designer sunglasses, whether they are Prada or Chanel, Tom Ford or Police, have become integral to their look. So it's not surprising that designer sunglasses and celebrities have a very close relationship on screen, and off.

Ford, Tom Ford

Bond, James Bond wears Tom Ford designer sunglasses in the Quantum of Solace movie. Bond is perhaps the coolest fictional character in movie history. And Daniel Craig, the coolest Bond – so cool in fact, he made it okay for Bond to be blonde, winning over die-hard fans and skeptics. And if his character wears Tom Ford designer sunglasses, it’s not surprising that the Tom Ford designer sunglasses range is in hot demand. Bond oozes an aspirational lifestyle with effortless charm. We may not all be able to afford the Aston Martin but Tom Ford designer sunglasses are within are grasp.

The Beautiful and The Damned

Designer sunglasses are a compulsory fixture in movies – on and off the set. The hottest actors are always seen wearing the hottest designer sunglasses. In the movie Duplicity, Clive Owen – rumoured to be the next Bond before Craig took the lead – wears designer Christian Dior sunglasses. Designer sunglasses add an air of mystery, coolness and sexiness. In fact, it’s hard to imagine films such as Ocean’s Eleven or Collateral without the leads – Pitt, Clooney, Julia Roberts in the former, and Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in the latter – wearing designer sunglasses. For Cruise’s character in Collateral, the shades add a steely coolness in fitting with a murderous assassin. For Pitt and Clooney, the designer sunglasses create an air of effortless cool in Vegas as they pull off a major heist.

Designer Sunglasses Dependency

Designer sunglasses can be an integral part of a celebrity’s persona. The Metro newspaper recently reported on how pop star Lady GaGa was “devastated” after her Versace designer sunglasses were stolen. Her Versace designer sunglasses were her trademark accessory. She reportedly told the newspaper that the theft of her Versace designer sunglasses was the only downside to her current European tour, saying: “I’m so devastated I can barely talk.”

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