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Sunglasses – Ray Ban’s timeless designs

Ray Ban is one of the world’s most important sunglasses labels. When it comes to sunglasses, few companies know as much as Ray Ban. The designer sunglasses made by Ray Ban have quickly become classics, and designs from the 1950s are still popular today. So what makes Ray Ban such a sunglasses success story?

Ray Ban – the history of sunglasses

In many ways, Ray Ban is the father of the designer sunglasses we can all wear today. Ray Ban grew out of a company that was established by John Jacob Bausch and Henry C Lomb, two German immigrants who lived in New York. Bausch and Lomb specialised in eyewear and set up their first company in 1853.

At this point, sunglasses weren’t even a twinkle in the founders’ eyes. Their focus was on precision eyewear and lenses – as well as designing monocles, the company also produced telescopes, binoculars and camera lenses.

Sunglasses by request

Bausch and Lomb only began to investigate sunglasses manufacture when requested to do so by an American Lieutenant who asked them to produce sunglasses that protected from the sun’s rays but also looked good. The patent for the first Ray Ban’s was applied for in 1937 and the sunglasses, which had metal frames and special mineral glass lenses, were an instant hit with the armed forces. These initial designs developed into the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, which are still one of the most popular sellers in today’s designer sunglasses market.

Sunglasses leader From these small beginnings, Ray Ban has become one of the leading and most respected designers and manufacturers of sunglasses in the world. In particular, the Aviator and Wayfarer designs seem to defy time, and although Ray Ban may issue them in new colours, or with a slight style tweak, these retro sunglasses adorn the faces of stars around the world as well as the man or woman on the street. Widely used in films, and well-known for their F1 and Sundance Film Festival sponsorship, the Ray Ban name is synonymous with quality, class and style.

Sunglasses – buy the brand

Bausch and Lomb no longer own the Ray Ban brand – the sunglasses section of the company was sold to the Italian group, Luxottica, for over one billion dollars in 1999. The new owners have allowed Ray Ban to develop its position in the market, however, and it remains one of the most popular brands of sunglasses in the world.

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