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Tom Ford sunglasses – Style and Design for 2011

Tom Ford has fast become one of the fashion industry’s greatest icons, and his range of sunglasses is a testament in design and quality to his deserved status in the fashion industry. Tom Ford sunglasses are a perfect combination of classic chic with innovative styling and functionality.

Many actors have been seen sporting Tom Ford sunglasses such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Kirsten Dunst to name a few. But the value of Tom Ford sunglasses is not just a cosmetic one, they are beautifully hand-crafted of the finest materials including leather on some frames. The Tom Ford sunglasses range offers many styles to suit almost every taste and face shape. From the soft and best selling Jennifer TF 08 to the bold and daring Nico TF 175; there is a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses to fit anyone’s sense of style, and now with Tom Ford’s new 2011 collection, be the first to get your hands on a pair before everyone else catches on!

Tom Ford’s design skills have been well tuned over years in the highest levels of the fashion industry. Previously he was the Creative Director of Gucci he was responsible for the design of all products, promotions and store design. Over a ten year period from 1994 to 2004 Tom Ford managed to increase the sales from $250 million to $4 billion. He eventually parted company with Gucci to launch his own line of Tom Ford branded eyewear.

Tom Ford sunglasses are now loved by the Hollywood elite and celebrities everywhere for their unique mix of style and classic influences. However, celebs are not the only people that can benefit from the Tom Ford line the prices are not out of reach for the average person on these high-end sunglasses as Tom Ford sunglasses are more than just for looks, they are hand crafted and a piece of outstanding quality, they can be viewed as an investment.

New for the 2011 season is the Tom Ford William TF 207, it is virtually the same frame as the brilliant selling TF 108 James Bond limited edition frame from the 2010 season. The small aviator with double bridge and various colour options is set to take off like its predecessor the TF 108. There are many new styles for 2011 from Tom Ford, sure to be one to suit everyone!