Oakley Wheel House OO9469 01 Sunglasses

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The Oakley Wheel House OO9469 01 Sunglasses are a fashionable choice with classic square-shaped lenses, modern lightweight steel temples, and precision-engineered Hollowpoint™ hinges.

Here are the key details about these sunglasses:

  • Frame Color: Satin Black – The satin black frame adds a sleek and timeless touch to your look. It’s a versatile choice that complements various outfits and styles, providing a classic and understated appearance.
  • Lens Color: Prizm Grey – The Prizm Grey lenses offer enhanced color contrast and clarity, making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. They provide high-definition optics that help you perceive details and colors more vividly.
  • Size: 54mm (lens width) – This size measurement ensures a comfortable and well-fitting frame suitable for different face shapes.

One notable feature of the Oakley Wheel House sunglasses is the Hollowpoint™ hinges, known for their mechanical precision and durability. These hinges contribute to the overall quality and functionality of the sunglasses.

With their combination of classic square lenses, lightweight steel temples, and advanced lens technology, the Oakley Wheel House OO9469 01 Sunglasses offer both style and performance for your outdoor adventures and everyday wear.