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We offer our customers the most up to date sunglasses available. We also offer the latest and most upcoming brands and always ensure our customers are looking stylish and current.

We have recently added to our selection of sunglasses and now offer some of the latest Gucci, Oakley and also Ray-Ban designs.

To purchase some of our most contemporary selection of sunglasses browse our site or call our Nottingham showroom for advise, on 01159 582888.

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2017 Tom Ford Sunglasses at Sunglasses Direct

2017 Tom Ford Sunglasses at Sunglasses Direct.  The new summer launch of Tom Ford sunglasses this year have brought us a selection of round eye plastic sunglasses and new ladies plastics with flat lenses and metal double bridges.  Alex FT0541 is the best style for 2017, with its rectangle plastic design, gold bridge style and metal sides, this Tom Ford model is the advertised sunglasses in all top style magazines and fashion posters in Time Square.  The magazine adverts all have this years theme which is a pink flower.  Also other advertised Tom Ford sunglasses for 2017 Sean FT0536 which is a aviator design with flat mirror lenses and gold frame.  This cutting edge aviator frame can suit both men and women.

Round eye plastic sunglasses are very much the style of 2017.  Palmer FT0522 is a slightly thicker acetate design with the iconic T bars on the front of the sunglasses.  If you prefer a finer design then the Tom Ford Andrea is a modern acetate design but not as chunky.

All new Tom Ford sunglasses can be viewed at Sunglasses-Direct at up to 30% off high street shop prices.   Large stocks and free UK delivery.  If you can’t find a Tom Ford sunglasses model that is not on our site call our Nottingham sunglasses centre on 01159582888 for help.

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2017 Tiffany sunglasses

2017 Tiffany sunglasses

2017 Tiffany sunglasses have been launched by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica and new styles include round eye metal sunglasses Tiffany 3053 cat eyes upswept plastic sunglasses Tiffany 4119 and more of the iconic duck egg blue Tiffany is known for Tiffany 4117  New design details this year is the double Tiffany heart making up the side hinge, with the two heart locking together when the side closes together.

Tiffany which is one of the largest Jewellery brands in the world starting out in New York in 1853 when Charles Tiffany set his new company Tiffany and Company.  Now producing some of the finest jewellery in the world and prices going over a million or so.  Tiffany and Co sunglasses follow the Jewellery theme, but each season following the newest designs seen in their seasons Jewellery.  Duck egg blue is always a common theme in Tiffany design, with every model available in this colour way.

Tiffany sunglasses all include a duck egg blue shiny case (hard in most cases) a soft microfibre bag to carry the sunglasses when a large case is not convenient and a Tiffany box and warranty card.

Sunglasses-Direct stock the whole Tiffany range of sunglasses, and this year have launched 6-7 new styles.  We hold large stocks of Tiffany sunglasses and can delivery free in the UK and for a small fee next day in the UK

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Oakley Team up with Scuderia Ferrari for the 2014 F1 Season

Oakley have recently announced their ‘Dream Alliance’ with Formula 1’s Scuderia Ferrari for the 2014 F1 season. This alliance brings together 2 iconic brands of their respective industries. This will be Oakley Motorsport’s biggest global partnership to date and will make Oakley the exclusive eyewear provider for Scuderia Ferrari.

The partnership promises to bring technical advances, inspiration and innovation over the coming years and completes ‘the team’, since driver, Fernando Alonso, has been an Oakley team driver for the past 2 Formula 1 seasons.


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Celebrities Favour Tom Ford Sunglasses

Celebrities help inspire and even change fashion trends, and what they wear in public is right under the media spotlight, so it’s an important choice. It’s a designer’s dream to see their creations shown off by celebrities and Tom Ford’s sunglasses are no stranger to this reality.

Celebrities love Tom Ford Sunglasses due to their unique style, and Tom Ford do a great job of setting them apart from their rivals by taking risks in new designs, that people could either love or hate, but, when it comes to Tom Ford designs, it’s always the former.

Signature Styles

Frames with open ended lenses, such as the Jennifer, and Whitney, as worn by Denise Richards, and Miranda sunglasses, as seen worn by Angelina Jolie and and Jessica Alba, are one of Tom Ford’s signature styles. Another Tom Ford signature, are the cat’s eyes design and with many different Tom Ford models available supporting this look, it’s seen worn by many a celebrity including model, Molly Sims.

Top Quality

Equally as important as style, is quality, and this is where Tom Ford sunglasses are right at the forefront. You can tell, designer’s name aside, that they are a quality pair of sunglasses, and the statement that you’re just paying for the name, couldn’t be further from the truth. The metal detailing, the hinges, the lens quality are all excellent, and when it comes to protection, this is just as important to celebrities as anyone else, and their 100% UV blocking lenses guarantee this. The most important thing to remember here, is that quality sunglasses will last, and that’s exactly what Tom Ford sunglasses do.

Good Enough for James Bond

We all know that James Bond always looks his best, and a pair of sunglasses is a necessary finishing touch to any of his outfits. Daniel Craig, in the latest Bond film, Skyfall, wore the Tom Ford Marko 18V sunglasses, and really looked the part. He’s also been spotted wearing these same sunglasses off-set, proving this wasn’t just some publicity deal struck in exchange for a huge wad of cash.

A Spin on a Timeless Classic

The classic aviator sunglasses will always be a popular style, they’ve stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Tom Ford has its own range of aviator style sunglasses that look great and are a slight spin on some of the original styles, the Marko being one. Others include the Mathias, William, Russell and Charles and are all favoured in the celebrity world.

Deep Pockets?

“How can I afford a pair of these Tom Ford sunglasses I’m hearing such good things about” I hear you cry. Well, Tom Ford sunglasses are one celebrity owned item that doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, you can get yourself a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses for under £125, which is a small price to pay for a pair of sunglasses which provide 100% UV protection and will last you much longer than the cheap £20 (fake) pair you bought whilst on holiday last summer!

Head over to our Tom Ford sunglasses page now to see the entire range.

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Oakley Dominates The 100th Tour de France 2013

If you’ve been watching the Tour de France this year, you’ll have probably noticed one thing, Oakley Sunglasses. There’s no denying that Oakley’s advancements in technology, design and style keeps them ahead of the game when it comes to sport, and especially the Tour de France. This year sees the 100th Tour de France, and current leader Sky’s Chris Froome is looking strong whilst sporting the Oakley Racing Jacket sunglasses.

Oakley have long been at the forefront of technology with their Sunglasses, but what makes them the choice of so many professional athletes?

The Frame

Durability is important, and Oakley’s lightweight, yet durable frame material lives up to this. The “O Matter” material used for their sport frames is very flexible and springy, yet resistent to stress and comfortable at the same time. The frame stems are then coated with “Unobtanium”, Oakley’s answer to conventional rubber grips. Oakley’s Unobtanium reacts with sweat, increasing friction, and therefore grip – another important characteristic of the perfect eyewear for sports. They also use Unobtanium on the nose bridge, again to increase grip. Vents added both in the frame, and the lenses, allow airflow and in turn assist with cooling. Oakley’s Three-Point fit ensures the frame stays in precise optical alignment, and without the usual pressure points that some sunglasses can exert.

The Lenses

Lens technology is another of Oakley’s strong points and their High Definition Optics ensure clarity, and impact resistance like no other. This clarity is extended right to the edge of your peripheral vision with their Polaric Ellipsoid technology. The wrap around design of the Plutonite lenses provides an impressive lenses curvature that keeps all the elements at bay and of course blocks 100% of UVA/UVB and UVC rays and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Some of Oakley’s sport models feature SwitchLock technology which allows the wearer to change the lenses in a matter of seconds, yet at the same time ensures it’s 100% secure without distorting the natural curvature that’s required for a perfect view.

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses for sports, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Oakleys.

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Ray-Ban’s Colourful “Ice-Pop” Wayfarers Arrive Just In Time For Summer

Just in time for Summer, Ray-Ban have unveiled their latest colours of the ever popular 2140 Wayfarer range. Inspired by the famous ice-pop, the new colours are bright and funky and with 6 flavours to choose from, there’s one for every taste. The colour co-ordinating lenses compliment the transparent frames, making them look almost good enough to eat! The Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer Ice-Pop Sunglasses are available in Citrus, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Mint and Blueberry flavours, the Citrus and Watermelon having polarised lenses.

If you want a fresh, funky look this summer, take a look at the Ice-Pop flavours now.

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Anything’s possible with Ray-Ban Remix

Ray-Ban Remix This week, Ray-Ban unleashed their most recent creation, Ray-Ban Remix. You can now customise the most popular Ray-Ban frames, including the RB3025 Aviator, RB2140 Wayfarer and RB2132 Wayfarer to your liking. From everything to the terminals to your own frame engraving, Ray-Ban have it covered. The new tool over on their website is very easy to use and makes it simple for anyone to create their own look, you can even choose your own case colour!

We think this is a really clever tool, which enables Ray-Ban to get accurate, real-time customer feedback on which colours and combinations are popular. The sales data they can gather from Ray-Ban Remix tool will likely help influence which colour combinations they’ll put into mass production going forward and gives everyone a chance to put their ideas forward.

Head over to Ray-Ban’s website now to have a play with the new Ray-Ban Remix creation, but if it’s a bit out of your price range, took a look at our already popular selection of RB3025 Aviators, RB2140 Wayfarers and RB2132 Wayfarers.

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Reintroduced Ray-Ban RB 4165 Justin Sunglasses Now in Stock

Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 SunglassesThe popular Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 Sunglasses have recently been reintroduced for the second time. This extremely popular Ray-Ban sunglass is based on the Wayfarer style, but with a modern theme. The Justin has a rubber finish on the surface of each design, giving them a matte look, and with coloured lenses, a style of their own.

The Ray-Ban Justin 4165s are supplied with a new look Ray-Ban case to protect the 100% UV lenses and are in stock and ready to ship today.

Head over to the Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 Sunglasses product page now to choose your perfect style.

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New Oakley Plaintiff Squared sunglasses now available

Oakley Plaintiff Squared OO4063 SunglassesFollowing the success of their Plaintiff Aviator style sunglasses, Oakley have released the new Plaintiff Squared sunglasses, reminiscent of styles from the 50’s but with a C-5 alloy frame that makes them extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

The detailing on the Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses gives it a unique look, achieved by a shallow channel along the length of the earstems filled with a colour that compliments the frame.

The new Oakley Plaintiff Squared sunglasses comes in a range of colours and styles, and polarised options are also available here at Sunglasses-Direct for very competitive prices.