Ray-Ban RB 3447 001 Round Metal Sunglasses


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The Ray-Ban RB 3447 001 Round Metal Sunglasses are a distinctive and iconic eyewear choice that’s sure to make you stand out in style. These sunglasses draw inspiration from classic designs, reminiscent of the likes of John Lennon, and they’ve been given a modern update by Ray-Ban. Here are the key features and details of these sunglasses:

Frame Design:

  • These sunglasses boast round frames, a design that exudes a sense of timeless fashion. The round frames are iconic and have made a comeback in recent years.
  • The frames come in a sleek gunmetal color, which adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to your look.


  • The lenses are in a G15 color, which provides excellent protection from the sun’s rays. G15 lenses offer a balanced combination of clarity, comfort, and protection.
  • This lens color gives your sunglasses a classic and timeless appearance.

Size Options:

  • The Ray-Ban RB 3447 001 Round Metal Sunglasses are available in two size options: 50 or 53. This allows you to select the size that best suits your face shape and personal style.

Nose Bridge and Arms:

  • The sunglasses feature a slightly curved nose bridge for enhanced comfort and a secure fit.
  • The straight, thin metal arms contribute to the stylish and simplistic overall look of the sunglasses.

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