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Wearing Sunglasses in Winter?

Are you still wearing your summer shades as the weather gets colder? Perhaps you should give some thought to investing in a pair of decent winter sunglasses.

Why do I need another pair of sunglasses I hear you cry? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The way your summer sunglasses are styled and constructed makes them very different to those designed for winter. Typically, summer sunglasses have much darker lenses whereas their winter counterparts have lighter tinted lenses. The reason for this is because the lighting is very different in winter therefore you need a pair of sunglasses that are equipped to deal with it.

When choosing which lighter lenses are right for you, it is important to weigh up the various options. Grey lenses are superb on a bright sunny day, whereas brown, amber, or pink lenses can improve contrast and help with depth perception too. This in turn helps to reduce glare. If you are looking for an all rounder then these are by far your best bet as they perform well in various weather conditions.

You may also want to invest in a pair that is very close fitting. This will help minimise any harmful rays or sun glare getting to your eyes. This will also help with reflected light from the snow (should you be lucky enough to get any).

Remember, it is just as important to keep your sunglasses with you, even during the winter months. You may not see the sun anywhere near as much but the UV rays produced on those sunny days are equally as bad for your eyes.

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