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Oakley Fast Jacket here with weeks


Oakley Fast Jacket sunglasses, new for 2011.

In challenging sport, the difference between victory and losing often comes down to planing. If you want to be victorious, you have to be prepared for anything—especially changing illumination and climate conditions. That’s why Oakley created Fast Jacket, a sunglass designed with Switchlock Technology so you’re prepared for anything the world’s conditions might throw at you.

Oakley’s Fast Jacket features two simple switches—one on each side of the sunglasses. In the “up” position, the lenses are locked in the frame. But with a quick switch to the “down” position, lenses can be easily removed from the sunglasses and replaced with another lens-type. So when your environment goes from dry to damp or day to night, Fast Jacket™ prepares you to adapt in as little as a few seconds.

Oakley Fast Jacket is due for for release worldwide in June 2011. For details and sunglasses colour options phone our Nottingham sunglasses store on 01159582888.

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Tom Ford Sheila Sunglasses TF186- Classic Acetate sunglasses


Tom Ford Sheila TF186 new large acetate Tom Ford sunglasses. Tom Ford acetate sunglasses are made from a mixture of wood pulp and cotton, which gives a solid but comfortable material for a sunglasses. Tom Ford Sheila TF186 has a T logo on the front leading to the side as a classic feature. This featured design is the signature of many Tom Ford Sunglasses.

Tom Ford TF186 is available in burgundy, beige, tortoise brown and black.

Sunglasses-direct has large stocks of Tom Ford Shelia TF186 . Delivered Free in the UK with Tom Ford brown suede case, box and cloth.

Tom Ford Sheila TF 186 is available in prescription. For details and lens options phone our Nottingham sunglasses store on 01159582888.

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Jennifer Garner wears Chanel 5197 Sunglasses


Actress Jennifer Garner has recently been spotted in California wearing Chanel 5197 Sunglasses.

The Chanel 5197-H is a cats eye shaped plastic frame with wood panels and pearl inserts on the arms.

Although Jennifer sports the classic black, Chanel 5197 are available in some other great colours including the colourful Aqua and Dark red if you fancy something a bit different and vibrant!

The Chanel 5197-H has real wood temples and pearl inlay with the classic and iconic CC logo, that won’t be missed!

So, if you want to get your hands on a pair of Chanel 5197-H sunglasses, look no further than Sunglasses-Direct.

PLease call us on 01159582888 to order your Chanel Sunglasses.

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Oakley Jury OO4045 Sunglasses

Oakley Jury OO4045 Styled with bold contours of self-assured design, Oakley JURY sunglasses are made of comfortably lightweight aluminum. Produced with hinge elements of O MATTER for flexibility, and the sides are wrapped in UNOBTAINIUM to give a perfect hold . Toned with metal icons, this new top design puts originality into life.

For Oakley Jury Oakley chose aluminum, we knew the grade of metal had to be better to what the machine industry machines had to offer. The solution was an aerospace alloy, a material made to take the wear and tear planes and rockets endure. Milling and machining tolerances were within a thousandth of an cm, and Oakley carried that precision to the custom spring hinges. O–MATTER allowed us to create a comfortable nose bridge. JURY offers a Three-Point Fit that keeps the lenses in precise optical alignment while eliminating pressure points, the kind you get with frames that hook your ears.

Oakley JURY Lenses are cut from a single toric Lens then placed in the frame to maintain the original contour. That’s easier said than done. It takes some serious optical science to maintain sharp, accurate vision in the periphery, so Oakley let POLARIC ELLIPSOID™ geometry do the heavy lifting to make sure your view is very sharp at every view. Oakley’s accused of pushing performance standards, JURY delivers a guilty verdict. It beats all ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical clarity while meeting both the high-mass and high-impact protection standards of Z87.1, but you would expect no less from a frame this innovative.
Oakley Jury OO4045 is Delivered by Sunglasses-direct Free in anywhere in UK.

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Oakley Fast Jacket OO9156 Launches Summer 2011

The Oakley Fast Jacket is the 7th generation of its sports performance sunglasses. The new sunglass which is due to be launched in June/July 2011 will use the new Switchlock Technology which will revolutionize the speed in changing the lenses on Oakley sports sunglasses.

The existing Oakley Flak Jacket and Oakley Jawboneand Oakley Split Jacket sports designs can take some time to change both lenses when needing a different colour lens option.

Oakley Fast Jacket has a new device called a Switchlock which is manufactured from MEM stainless steel for lightweight and strength issues. The Switchlock is unclipped with one swing movement and then the lens just simply slides out of the frame. This switchlock system enables the wearer to change the lenses in the sunglasses while on the move.

Oakley Fast jacket has a new lens design to give excellent sun and wind protection. Oakley has redesigned the lens mould process to produce a 81 mm lens blank to give the lenses the best optical qualities. The frame curve uniformly fits all head sizes with a new head sculpting design.

Oakley Fast Jacket will be available in 6 to 8 new frame colours, from the new polished chrome to the cool powder blue colour. The best cosmetic look of the sunglasses is the polished stainless steel Switchlock the side of each lens, which catch the light when worn.

Oakley Fast Jacket is expected to be launched by Oakley in June/July, but with a backlog of pre-orders could push this date slightly back, so to reserve a pair telephone Sunglasses-direct on 01159582888 to be the first with Oakley Fast Jacket.

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Tom Ford Rickie TF179 – New 2011 Milan sunglasses designs

Tom Ford Rickie TF 179 is Tom Ford’s new ladies metal sunglass for 2011. Tom Ford TF179 is a strong metal Tom Ford design with open sided lenses and typical Tom Ford cross over bridge featured on Top sellers Tom Ford Whitney and Tom Ford Peter.

Tom Ford Rickie has been inlaid with colour to look like ceramic with different colour options available. Colour choices are Brown, White, Black, Violet and cream with soft gradient tints like gradient brown, gradient grey, gradient rose and gradient brown with mirror.

Sunglasses-direct has a stock of Tom Ford Rickie TF179 in a choice of colours and posted next day delivery.

Tom Ford Vicky TF184 and Tom Ford Iris TF180 are two new Tom Ford plastic sunglasses for this sunglasses season. Tom Ford Vicky is a large square plastic sunglass with typical cross bridge. Tom Ford Iris TF180 is a large round Tom Ford sunglass.

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Tom Ford Jennifer TF0008 – Still Top Tom Ford Design

Tom Ford Jennifer TF0008 has hit iconic status by being Tom Ford’s top selling sunglasses for the sixth year in a row. This modern plastic sunglass has stylish tubular sides with slight curved lenses. The main design of the tom ford jennifer is the open sided showing the side of the lens. This look has been reproduced by all top named designers since making the Tom Ford Jennifer TF 0008 the first in its class.

Tom Ford Jennifer TF0008 is available in popular 692 colour translucent brown with gradient brown lenses, also black frame with black lenses (199) and grey frame with gradient grey lenses(B5). New colour of 38F Gradient brown/grey and 83F purple have been introduced since the Jennifers original launch. 2011 colour which has been just launched is 50, which is dark brown gradient to amber with gradient green/grey lenses.

Celebrities which have been seen in the Tom Ford Jennifer TF0008 are Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan.
Tom Ford Jennifer is delivered Free in the UK, and with large stocks of all colours most orders are delivered in 24 hours,(London, Manchester and Leeds).

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Oakley Pit Bull – Coming Soon

Oakley Pit Bull Sunglasses will be arriving soon at Sunglasses Direct and as with most moden Oakley designs are constructed from lightweight O Matter® frame material. The Pit Bull™ has an aggressive look that screams pure Oakley with its bold, sculptural earstems that take advantage of dual cam hinges, along with Unobtainium® earsocks and nose pads further increase grip when you sweat. Oakley Pit Bulls™ have the all-day comfort of a Three-Point Fit.

The Oakley Pit Bull has High Definition Optics® (HDO®) for optical precision and performance and a full 8.75 base lens curvature which extends your peripheral view and offers enhanced side protection. 100% UV filtering, plus impact resistance meeting ANSI Z87.1 standards make the Pit Bull a great all rounder. The Pit Bull also comes with Oakley HDPolarized technology for the very best polarized lenses the planet has to offer. Optional Iridium® lens coatings further reduce glare while balancing light transmission.

Tech Specs


Optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
Impact resistance that meets ANSI Z80.3 basic impact standards
UV protection of Plutonite® lens material that filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm
Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating (optional)
Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 8.75 base lens curvature
Prescription ready (+2.00 through -4.00 combined power)


Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® frame material
Precision and durability of sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms with dual cam action
Unobtainium® Earsocks and nosepads for added comfort and performance
Comfort and Performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
Metal icon accents.



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Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff

Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff OO4057-09 is Oakley’s new colour option for the Oakley plaintiff range. With an unparalleled history of the best competition, MotoGP is the world’s ultimate motorcycling championship, making up of 8 months, eighteen round season, in fourteen different countries, spanning the world.

Each Grand Prix brings together the most skillful riders from across the world, to participate in races across three particular categories – MotoGP, Moto2 & 125cc. The racing is a big event, featuring technologically advanced, high-speed bikes from the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers, being driven by brave and highly skilled competitors.

Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff OO4057-09 is matt black with blue inlay sides with blue Oakley icon on each side. Oakley Plaintiff MotoGP has limited edition box and cloth bag.

For information about the Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff call into our Nottingham store or telephone us on 01159582888

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Tom Ford Verushka TF 220

Tom Ford Verushka TF220 sunglasses is a new introduction from the Designer Tom Ford. Tom Ford Verushka is the largest metal aviator sunglass introduced into the Tom Ford range of sunglasses. They are sure to turn heads due to the statement style they bring.

Tom Ford Verushka TF220 has been named after the famous German super model from the 1960’s, who arrived in New York with her featuring on the front cover of Vogue.

Tom Ford TF 220 Verushka is available in gold frame with brown gradient lenses and gold frame with grey gradient lenses. For information or availability of Tom Ford Verushka either call into our Nottingham store or phone on 01159582888 and speak to a sunglasses-direct sunglasses specialist.