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Ray Bans – The Iconic Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarers are super stylish sunglasses that never date and never go out of fashion. With a long list of celebrity fans, there is no end in sight for this brand’s success in the sunglasses industry.

Ray Ban is considered a world leader in the sunglasses market. From the classic Aviator style to the ever-popular Jackie style, there is something for everyone to indulge in when it comes to buying a pair of Ray Bans. However, it is perhaps the Wayfarer style that has caused the most significant stir amongst sunglass lovers, and the celebrity fanbase has helped to propel the Ray Ban Wayfarers into fashion victim necessities.

Ray Bans – The Sunglasses The Celebs Love

Considered by many to be the best selling design of sunglasses in history, the Ray Ban Wayfarers are truly iconic. They have been seen on many famous faces, with one of the most notable being Barack Obama, clearly following in the style steps of former US president John F Kennedy. There are not many brands that can still have relevance and luxury quality for that number of years, but Ray Ban has proved its worth in the world of designer sunglasses.

Ray Bans – Sienna Miller’s A Fan Too!

Ray Ban Wayfarers are available for both men and women, which makes them a super popular style and accessible to all. Sienna Miller has been photographed wearing her Ray Bans in the Wayfarer style, and if there is anyone that knows what is on-trend and fashionable, Ms Miller is the girl. She prides herself on her very stylish fashions, so to see her wearing a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers just reiterates the power of this iconic style.

Ray Bans – The Wayfarer Sunglasses Are Always Cool

Interestingly, in the often rather fickle world of consumerism, a brand can have a slow gradual incline to popularity and then when it becomes well-recognised it can lose its original fans, who then think that the brand is far too well known and not considered cool anymore. However, one brand that has not even come close to suffering this lack of interest due to over-exposure is Ray Ban. As more and more celebrities are pictured wearing Ray Bans, people from all over the world are going out and buying a pair of sunglasses to keep in with the “in crowd”. In the case of Ray Ban, wearing sunglasses from this brand means you will never lose your credibility. Ray Ban is here to stay, and the Wayfarer continues to go from strength to strength as the same original, iconic style is re-issued every season.

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Sunglasses – Essential Eyewear

As people realise that sunglasses are perfect for many occasions, it is fair to say that they are considered essential eye wear.

With the summer months approaching, there is no denying that sunglasses are going to be at the top of everyone’s list. They have become a staple item that people of all ages and all walks of life own. Something so simple can have such a massive impact, and that’s why many people opt for designer sunglasses to add a bit of glitz and glam to their wardrobe.

Sunglasses – Super Stylish

Sunglasses are indeed, essential eye wear. They are not only for fashion victims, but they have a practical use too. Naturally, they help to keep the sun out of your eyes and whether you’re on the Costa del Sol or in a small village in the UK, everyone is sure to see some sunshine and sunglasses really come in to their own in the summer months.

As well as being a useful item to own, there are many people that just buy sunglasses for the style factor. Brands like Prada offer great wraparound sunglasses that ooze glamour and are the ultimate in chic design. Wraparound sunglasses have been made famous by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and the popularity has filtered down to young women who like their sunglasses to look on-trend and flatter the face shape.

Sunglasses – Perfect For The Beach

If you’re going abroad then be sure to pack your sunglasses. We might have sunshine in the UK, but temperatures in places like Spain and Italy can soar and many people are unprepared for it. One of the essential items to take with you is a pair of sunglasses, as they will come in useful when you are laid on the beach with the sun beating down. Spending time in the sun can make your eyes hurt, so buy a pair of sunglasses to keep cool and casual when abroad.

Sunglasses – Instead Of Make-Up

Not only are sunglasses essential for the hot weather, but many people see them as a must if they have to get up early and head off to the shops looking a little worse for wear. Instead of adding make-up, many women simply put on their sunglasses and don’t need to worry about make-up! Sunglasses are a quick and easy solution for when you need to visit the shops and you’re running short of time. You can look super cool in an instant.

Sunglasses – Buy Now

Sunglasses really are essential eye wear, so make sure you get kitted out with your luxury brand of sunglasses in advance of the summer months.

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Sunglasses by Prada

Sunglasses were not prada's first taste of the fashion business.Prada is an Italian luxury goods company established in 1914. Items manufactured by Prada include: ready-to-wear, leather accessories, luggage, shoes and sunglasses. Prada is considered to be one of the most influential fashion label names. Owning Prada items, such as Prada handbags or Prada swimsuits is a status symbol, telling the world that you are successful, and know how to enjoy the finer things in life.

The sunglasses company Prada was first only a leathergoods store that was founded in Italy's fashion capital Milan. Then, in 1978, Miuccia Prada changed the company completely, and made it into a luxury clothing and fashion house. At first, Prada added a set of military spec black nylon backpacks. While the items had difficulty selling at first, they did eventually become Prada's first big commercial success. During the same time as their release, Prada began opening up designer stores in cities in Europe and the United States, such as London and New York. The Prada shoe line was released in 1983. In 1985, the first Prada handbag was released by Prada, and quickly became a success. Prada's ready-to-wear collection was released in 1988.

Prada sunglasses first came out in 1996 designer by Prada and manufacture by EID its own manufacturing arm. Prada sunglasses became the first prada item which anybody could afford without paying thousands of pounds like their handbags. Prada sold the rights to manufacture their sunglasses to Luxoticca in 2003 , a sunglasses manufacturer who already made sunglasses and eyewear for Chanel, Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari and polo. Now Prada sunglasses are the most stylist on the market.

At the moment , Prada also has runway shows, with other fashion houses, like Versace or Louis Vuitton. Prada is known as being a fashion house that likes to use new designers and models. New models are even selected sometimes to open the fashion show for Prada. This is a very rare action taken by fashion houses.

Today, most people who want to own a piece of Prada, will probably want to purchase a Prada handbag. When you look at a Prada handbag, be sure to notice the fine stitching and expert craftsmanship that goes into each Prada handbag. Also, notice that the Prada symbol, a silver and black triangle, is not easily visible on the Prada handbag. This is a direct contrast to other luxury brands, where the logo is easily visible. Thus, the Prada handbag has a special appeal, known as “anti-status,” which, ironically, increases the appeal of the Prada handbag.

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Sunglasses Ray-Ban retro 80’s fluorescent

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban have brightly introduced fluorescent colours to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140, new Wayfarer 2132, Cats 5000 and Cats 1000 models. These wild colours of fluorescent yellow, pink and azure fluorescent blue are officially back for the summer clubbing scene in the UK and Europe. The Cats 5000 ray ban which is a large plastic aviator design will have its presence at Ibiza clubs and beaches.

The neon Wayfarer 2140 ray-ban with gradient grey-blue lenses definitely has a flashback of mid 1980’s design from the start of the acid house era. The wayfarer has also been launched in new colours of black with yellow back and black with green back

The wayfarer is still made from acetate and the lenses are crystal glass to reduce the risk of scratches. and filter 100% of harmful sun rays. The sunglass is mainly available in sizes 47 mm small and 50 mm medium, but a 54 mm large size is available in some colours.

The wayfarer 2140 has been featured in the Mail on Sunday magazine on 15 February 2009 on the front cover worn by Lily Allen

The New Wayfarer 2132 is a softer wayfarer design. The new colours for 2009 are dark pink, fluorescent blue, dark violet and red. The lenses are iconic glass which blocks 100% of UV light and comes in size 52 mm small.

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Sunglasses for sport. Oakley Flak Jackets

Oakley Flak Jackets are for sports people who demand only the best and the flak jacket has answered this quest. Professional athletics have pushed Oakley to produce innovation after innovation, which includes special interchangeable lens designs with the best vision and clarity. Oakley Flak Jacket takes it to the next level of sports performance technology.

The oakley Flak jacket lenses are hydrophobic which stops water from leaving residue and stains on the lenses which reduces vision through the lenses. Not only does the water just run off the lenses, oil and grease marks can be cleaned off the surface very easily. The Flak jacket lenses are high definition optics, which give excellent protection against sunlight.

The Oakley Flak Jacket have been produced with changeable nose pads of different sizes, meaning theses sunglasses can fit all different bridge sizes. These nose pads and side sleeves are produced from unobtainium, which allows the sunglasses to grip the face, especially with sweat that creates a sticky surface. The Oakley Flak Jacket is manufactured with O-Matter material which is lightweight and strong for sports and gives it high-velocity impact protection.

The Flak Jacket lenses are available in a standard lens shape which are shallower and XLJ deeper lens shape. Polarised lens options are available made using a liquid fusion to give the best possible vision and reduce glare. The plutonite lens material blocks out 100% of all UVC, UVB and UVA and the lenses are impact resistant giving the best protection for the eyes in sport.

Livestrong Flak Jacket is a limited edition black and yellow version for both the standard and XLJ Flak Jackets. Around £10 is donated to the Livestrong Foundation for every pair sold. Lance Armstrong runs this charity in the fight against cancer.

Ian Poulter Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ worn by the flamboyant british golfer. These sunglasses are white with red ear socks and nose pads and positive red iridium lenses with a union jack Oakley icon.

The Flak Jacket now can be custom made to any colour combination of frame and lens choice.

The Oakley web site shows how you can choose eye sock colour and oakley icon finish.

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Sunglasses by Tom Ford “A decade of Fashion”

Tom ford was born in Texas in 1962 and has become the most influential designer of the last decade. He joined Gucci in 1990 and soon became design director by 1992. Tom Ford Gucci into the huge name is now and soon became creative director. He put glamour back into Gucci style. By 1999 he made a almost bankrupt Gucci he joined into a $4.3 billion business. Tom Ford took control of Yves Saint Laurent in 2000 and made this fashion business boom again.

Famious celebritie fans of Tom Ford’s design are Modonna, Brad pitt, Britney Spears, Bianca Jagger, Sting and other film and music stars. In 2005 Tom Ford and Domenico de Sole, his colleague from Gucci set up “TOM FORD” and that is where tom ford sunglasses started. The Jennifer FT 0008 is the most iconic sunglass Tom has launched with a choice of 6 colours, this design is light weight and durable and comes in black 199, brown 692, amber 602, champagne 614, B5 grey and pink 704.

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Sunglasses for sport designed by Oakley

Sunglasses for sport designed by Oakley started with Jim Jannard who was a young scientist who began experimenting with optics and began to change the standard of what could be done. In 1975 and with a small sum of £250 he set up Oakley withy the idea to produce some totally different and new. His first project was a motorcycle handgrip, which was produced by the new material Unobtainium which actually increases grip with sweat. The first Oakley eyewear created by Jim Jannard was the O Frame goggle with a lens curved in the perfect are of a cylinder.

From this Oakley sunglasses was born and the rest is history. The next creation was the Eyeshades which had much increase curved optics than any other sunglasses available. the Eyeshades was made famas in the Tour de France with stars such as Lance Armstrong wearing new sunglasses for sport. Oakley has been awarded with 540 patents worldwide with its new eyewear products and technologies, make Oakley sports sunglasses the best in it’s class. The history of Oakley is as follows, O Frame MX Goggles, Eyeshades, Blades, M Frame, Sub Zero, Eye Jackets, Racing Jacket, Half Jackets, Over the top, X Metal and many more.

Oakley sunglasses are the leaders in performance sunglasses, and Oakley has advances in sports technology and have changed the barriers with patented optics advances. Oakley polarised lenses are produced in the liquid state eliminating distortion found in the normal techologies. Oakley eyewear makes the difference between owning a pair of polarised oakley lenses you will reap the rewards.

Sunglasses by Oakley are impact resistant and exceed all industry standards. The Oakley lenses are now hydrophobic, so water and oils just run off the surface giving clear and sharper vision. Oakley’s high definition optics or HDO is a number of technologies which give the best optical quality in a curved lens. Oakley goggles are another speciality of Oakley Eyewear, which offer protection to those who ski, motocross, snowboard and ride BMX. The Oakley 3D cranial fit gives a perfect fit and Oakley googles have a built in anti fog device.


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Sunglasses- Legendary eyewear brand Ray-Ban rocks at the Isle of Wight Festival

This year, the Ray-Ban Rooms will be back at the Isle of Wight Festival. Inspired by the World’s greatest rock venues, the Ray-Ban Rooms are set to be one of the Festival’s top destinations over the weekend.

Located in Strawberry Fields opposite the Big Top, the Ray-Ban Rooms area is set to have a brand new format. Here you will be able to film your own music video or join the Ray-Ban Wayfarer tattoo revolution, temporary of course.

You’ll be able to catch unique DJ sets by the UK’s top indie talent including Paul McCartney, The Strokes, Jay-Z, Florence and the Machine, Blondie, Pink plus many more special guests, spinning a selection of their favourite classics.

Since its launch in 1952, the Ray Ban Wayfarer has been the sunglasses of choice for some of music’s greatest legends including Bob Dylan, David Bowie and the Beatles, the Rolling Stones.

Over the weekend come and visit the Ray Ban Rooms’ to try on Ray Ban’s latest styles.

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Sunglasses by top designers

Buy sunglasses from some of the world’s leading designers right here at Sunglasses Direct. We stock a wide range of sunglasses so that you can have the best possible choice and benefit from great prices.

If you want to buy Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Chanel, Bvlgari or Oakley sunglasses, look no further. If your taste in sunglasses includes Jimmy Choo, Prada, Prada Sport, Roberto Cavalli or Police, we can offer you a great selection of their latest styles. Or, if Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana or Emporio Armani sunglasses are more your style, just click on the relevant designer to find your next pair of stylish sunglasses.

Look for sunglasses from these designers in high street stores and you could end up paying more. Instead, shop for designer sunglasses online, where you can browse at your own convenience and get your purchases delivered to your door. You can also benefit from competitive online prices, which means you could save money as well as time and energy.

Sunglasses to complete your look Whether you’re into designer clothing or you’re happy to mix and match your wardrobe, there’s nothing quite like a great pair of designer sunglasses to complete your look. Today’s sunglasses make a real statement and you can wear your designer sunglasses with confidence and style.

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Sunglasses – Ray Ban’s timeless designs

Ray Ban is one of the world’s most important sunglasses labels. When it comes to sunglasses, few companies know as much as Ray Ban. The designer sunglasses made by Ray Ban have quickly become classics, and designs from the 1950s are still popular today. So what makes Ray Ban such a sunglasses success story?

Ray Ban – the history of sunglasses

In many ways, Ray Ban is the father of the designer sunglasses we can all wear today. Ray Ban grew out of a company that was established by John Jacob Bausch and Henry C Lomb, two German immigrants who lived in New York. Bausch and Lomb specialised in eyewear and set up their first company in 1853.

At this point, sunglasses weren’t even a twinkle in the founders’ eyes. Their focus was on precision eyewear and lenses – as well as designing monocles, the company also produced telescopes, binoculars and camera lenses.

Sunglasses by request

Bausch and Lomb only began to investigate sunglasses manufacture when requested to do so by an American Lieutenant who asked them to produce sunglasses that protected from the sun’s rays but also looked good. The patent for the first Ray Ban’s was applied for in 1937 and the sunglasses, which had metal frames and special mineral glass lenses, were an instant hit with the armed forces. These initial designs developed into the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, which are still one of the most popular sellers in today’s designer sunglasses market.

Sunglasses leader From these small beginnings, Ray Ban has become one of the leading and most respected designers and manufacturers of sunglasses in the world. In particular, the Aviator and Wayfarer designs seem to defy time, and although Ray Ban may issue them in new colours, or with a slight style tweak, these retro sunglasses adorn the faces of stars around the world as well as the man or woman on the street. Widely used in films, and well-known for their F1 and Sundance Film Festival sponsorship, the Ray Ban name is synonymous with quality, class and style.

Sunglasses – buy the brand

Bausch and Lomb no longer own the Ray Ban brand – the sunglasses section of the company was sold to the Italian group, Luxottica, for over one billion dollars in 1999. The new owners have allowed Ray Ban to develop its position in the market, however, and it remains one of the most popular brands of sunglasses in the world.

If you want to buy a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, just browse through our extensive collection. You can order easily online, or you can order by phone on 0115 9582 888.