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Oakley Blender and Twenty

Oakley Blender and Twenty are both new for 2012 and are at the head of optical innovation and technology. Oakley is known across the entire world as the leading specialists in sports eyewear, and their high-end technology and quality products portray this.

The new Blender is a great metal iconic Oakley smaller shaped sunglass. The shape is slightly rounded with a curve on the lens for outstanding protection from the sun from all angles. The curve on the lens along with the smaller lens shape means the frame sits right into the eye socket great for a customer who doesn’t like the larger, oversized look that is everywhere at the moment.

The Oakley Blender has a small subtle ‘O’ on the arm, but the Blender has a lovely combination of acetate and metal (metal front and acetate arms) with a high quality sprung hinge designed with comfort in mind.

The Oakley Blender OO4059 has silicone nose pads that are also used for enhanced comfort, and also can be adjusted to fit wider and smaller bridges.

Oakley Blender has some lovely colour options, with gold, silver and lead available and polarized lenses also available.

Alternatively the new Oakley Twenty is a plastic option, again with a smaller lens. Oakley has jumped on the fashion band-wagon with some of their sunglasses being larger and more high-fashion however the Twenty is a smaller option for all those traditional Oakley lovers.

The Twenty has the option of the famous Fire Iridium lenses, which are bright, bold and offer balanced light transmission and reduce glare.
The Oakley Twenty are also a reasonable price, which means you can get Oakley quality at a decent price!

Oakley sunglasses and spectacles are designed to serve the needs and demands of athletes and that is why the three-point fit was introduced. The three-point fit means that the sunglasses only touch the face behind the ears and on the bridge of the nose, ensuring they will grip and be comfortable at the same time.