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Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff

Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff OO4057-09 is Oakley’s new colour option for the Oakley plaintiff range. With an unparalleled history of the best competition, MotoGP is the world’s ultimate motorcycling championship, making up of 8 months, eighteen round season, in fourteen different countries, spanning the world.

Each Grand Prix brings together the most skillful riders from across the world, to participate in races across three particular categories – MotoGP, Moto2 & 125cc. The racing is a big event, featuring technologically advanced, high-speed bikes from the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers, being driven by brave and highly skilled competitors.

Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff OO4057-09 is matt black with blue inlay sides with blue Oakley icon on each side. Oakley Plaintiff MotoGP has limited edition box and cloth bag.

For information about the Oakley MotoGP Plaintiff call into our Nottingham store or telephone us on 01159582888

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