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RayBan Aviator celebrates three quarters of a century

Ray Ban Aviator celebrates 75 years this year, becoming the most worn, photographed and prolific selling sunglasses ever.  It’s history began in 1937, when Bausch and Lomb registered a patent to produce the glare caused by the suns rays.  The American Air Force soon after took on the Aviator as its sunglasses of choice for their pilots, mainly due to the excellent anti-glare properties, but also for its double bridge bar design, which very helpfully acts as a cigarette holder while the pilot concentrated on flight.


History also includes the Aviator being worn in world war II, with General Douglas MacArther being photographed in a pair while arriving on a beach in the Philippines.  The iconic RayBan design became number one status after featuring in the film Top Gun with Tom Cruise appearing in Aviators throughout the film.

The influential level in which these sunglasses have had on the music and celebrity world is astonishing, with every magazine, newspaper and fashion blog featuring them being worn.

In 1999 Bausch  and Lomb, the original manufactures of the Ray-Ban Aviator, sold the ownership of the brand to Luxottica, Italy.  This massive optical producer has carried on the tradition of the original Aviator style, making ultimate retro cool.

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