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Sunglasses Ray-Ban retro 80’s fluorescent

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban have brightly introduced fluorescent colours to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140, new Wayfarer 2132, Cats 5000 and Cats 1000 models. These wild colours of fluorescent yellow, pink and azure fluorescent blue are officially back for the summer clubbing scene in the UK and Europe. The Cats 5000 ray ban which is a large plastic aviator design will have its presence at Ibiza clubs and beaches.

The neon Wayfarer 2140 ray-ban with gradient grey-blue lenses definitely has a flashback of mid 1980’s design from the start of the acid house era. The wayfarer has also been launched in new colours of black with yellow back and black with green back

The wayfarer is still made from acetate and the lenses are crystal glass to reduce the risk of scratches. and filter 100% of harmful sun rays. The sunglass is mainly available in sizes 47 mm small and 50 mm medium, but a 54 mm large size is available in some colours.

The wayfarer 2140 has been featured in the Mail on Sunday magazine on 15 February 2009 on the front cover worn by Lily Allen

The New Wayfarer 2132 is a softer wayfarer design. The new colours for 2009 are dark pink, fluorescent blue, dark violet and red. The lenses are iconic glass which blocks 100% of UV light and comes in size 52 mm small.

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